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Mar 8, 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day! Show #349 is our St. Patrick's Day special highlighting the Best Celtic songs and tunes of 2017 as voted on by you in the Celtic Top 20. You'll enjoy amazing Celtic music from The Selkie Girls, Bridgid's Cross, Jim Sharkey, Whalebone, Kilted Kings, Cormorant's Fancy, Colleen Raney, NUA, Ella, Beth Patterson, Ne'er Duwels, Acoustic Butterfly, Lady Moon, Coast, Secret Sky, Connemara Stone Company, Dom Duff, Tuatha Dea, Black 47, The Changing Room.

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0:06 "Norlan Wind" by The Selkie Girls from Pirate Queen

5:47 "Tam Lin/Mason's Apron" by Bridgid's Cross from Live Without an Audience

8:48 "The Bar on the Square" by Jim Sharkey from Misty Morning Rain

13:13 "Anglicana" by Whalebone from Mirabilia

18:35 "Name On My Soul" by Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul

23:54 "The Mummer's Jig/Munster Buttermilk" by Cormorant's Fancy from A Different Bird


30:36 "The Lovely Green Banks of the Moy" by Colleen Raney from Here This Is Home

35:44 "Wide Open" by NUA from FLOW

39:37 "The Skye Boat Song" by Ella from Elluria's Lament

43:31 "Jigs: Mary Patterson's/All In The Family/The Rathfarnham Lilters" by Beth Patterson from Hybrid Vigor

48:27 "You're the One" by The Ne'er Duwels from The Ne'er Duwells

51:42 "Irish Eyes" by Acoustic Butterfly from Whispers EP

56:08 "Loch Lomond" by Lady Moon from Fairy's Love Song


1:03:36 "Let It Rain" by Coast from Windmills in the Sky

1:07:29 "The Dim-Moon City of Delight" by Secret Sky from Secret Sky

1:12:50 "Drowsy Maggie" by Connemara Stone Company from Original

1:16:03 "Kael K'kwll" by Dom Duff from K'kwll

1:18:56 "Kilts and Corsets" by Tuatha Dea from Kilts and Corsets

1:26:26 "James Connolly" by Black 47 from Fire of Freedom

1:34:17 "A River Runs Between" by The Changing Room from A River Runs Between

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Henry Meger emailed: "Dia dhuit, Marc, I discovered your podcast last spring and have been entranced and charmed with it ever since as I catch up to date.

Just wanted to send some personal thanks. My father has been playing Celtic guitar for most of his life and all of mine, so it's been in the house since day one. I thought I had heard it all, each corner and subgenre to be found, but my library has been greatly and duly humbled by your extensive and seasoned pallet. I've shared the podcast and many of its contents with my dad, and it has enriched our Celtic cosmos remarkably.

I took the podcast with me last summer while studying abroad in Russia and it was a wonderful way to keep in touch with my roots during my commute. Having also spent time in non-Celtic Spain, the Galicia episode opened another door in my musical conception of Iberia. In short, Thank you!!

An amateur flute player myself, I would love to hear a flute-heavy episode, and I'm sure all musicians who listen to the podcast would love their own instrument-themed episodes. Just a thought that has crossed my mind (not that you don't have plenty already!) Keep up the fantastic work---it's very much appreciated!"

Thank you Henry. I haven't done a flute or whistle episode. Let me see what I can put together. I wish I had an easy way to search my archive for flute music. Sadly, I don't. But perhaps I can reach out to you and all my listeners. If you have heard some bands with flute or whistle, please email me the band names so I can make a possible list of the podcast.

Jennifer Lohman emailed a picture: "While I am listening to your podcast from Terra Alta, WV (USA) 31 degrees here today-so the dogs & I are staying in."

Stephen Reimann emailed: "Dear Celt Father, I am a big fan of your show and what you are doing to add breadth and depth to those who listen to Celtic music.

I am an Account Manager for a major Pharmaceutical company which requires an extensive amount of driving.  By extensive I mean on average 60K miles each year.  Your podcast enables me to not only pass the time driving between accounts, but also increase my knowledge and love of all things musically Irish and Celtic.  The theme diversity of your shows is stellar.  Just like Christopher Walken’s SNL character, The Bruce Dickinson, needed “More Cowbell,” I need more bagpipes.  Any chance of another Bagpipe theme’d show in the near future?

Thank you for all you do to sharpen our proverbial musical sgian-dubhs."
Stephen “Bow Tie Steve” Reimann (Rye-man)

Thanks Bow Tie Steve. Yeah. You can never have enough bagpipes. It will have to be a few months, but I'll add that to the list as well. Maybe I should add both this and the flute show as milestones...

Would you be interested in another bagpipe show as well. Drop me a line.