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Sep 21, 2023

Dance a jig with the Foxhunter Jig on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #628.

Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen, Across The Pond, Cantrip, Ben Doran, Jiggy, Socks in the Frying Pan, La Nef and Chor Leoni, SeeD, Iain MacHarg, Meerrant, Slugger's Rule, Mary - Grace Autumn Lee, The Chivalrous Crickets, Old Blind Dogs,...

Sep 14, 2023

I wouldn’t mind getting tangled on the moon listening to Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #627.

The Bookends, Seán Heely, Jocelyn Pettit, Telenn Tri, Karan Casey, Joey Abarta, Boxing Robin, The Langer's Ball, Irishtown Road, Railcar Graffiti, The Fretless, Raúl Sanz, La Nef and Chor Leoni, Jen Midkiff, The Out of...

Sep 7, 2023

Carry my song with you and the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #626.

Juha  Rossi, Wolf & Clover, The Dustbunnies, Santiago Molina, Téada, Banshee in the Kitchen, Rebecca Gilbert & Kellswater Bridge, The Chieftains, Cantrip, Clare Sands, Tulua, Brother Sea, Niamh Dunne


The Celtic Music...

Aug 31, 2023

Two hours of contemporary Celtic music to celebrate The re - release of The Secret World of Celtic Rock on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #625.

Screaming Orphans, Derina Harvey Band, Wakefire, The Celtic Kitchen Party, The Bordercollies, The Elders, The Secret Commonwealth, Stout Pounders, The McKrells, Hearthfire,...

Aug 24, 2023

Dance with the Spanish ladies and the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #624.

Chris Gray, Fast & Vengefully, Altan, Hanneke Cassel, Beltaine, Gordon McLeod, Erin Ruth, Angus MacKenzie, Madman's Window, Ryan Roubison, Low Lily, The High Kings, Moher, Mick Citern Walsh, Fiddle Folk Family, Patsy O'Brien, Willos' & Massimo...