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Nov 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! Show #184 Celebrates Thanksgiving with Irish Celtic music from Emerald Rose, Julia Lane, Patrick's Head, Sean Orr, Four Celtic Voices, Beth Patterson/Patrick O'Flaherty, StoneRing, Merry Wives of Windsor, The Fire Inside, Syren, Rattle the Board, Laura McGhee, Burning Bridget Cleary, The Shanties, The Gothard Sisters, Jenna Greene.

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Emerald Rose - Archives of Ages to Come

This Week in Celtic Music

"Autumn in Asheville" by Emerald Rose
from Archives of Ages to Come

"Come Ye Thankful People/Harvest Home" by Julia Lane
from Going Home

"Molly Malone" by Patrick's Head
from Arse Biscuits!

"Crippled Turkey" by Sean Orr
from Celtic Texas

"Irish Harvest Day (featuring Celeste Ray)" by Four Celtic Voices
from Four Celtic Seasons

"Miss Drowsy Turkey" by Beth Patterson/Patrick O'Flaherty
from Caelic

Celtic Music News

"Lannigan's/Swallowtail/Merrily Kiss the Quaker" by StoneRing
from A Toast to the Company

"Windsor's Cider" by Merry Wives of Windsor
from Tales from Windsor's Tavern

"Lilting Banshee/Gillan's Apples" by The Fire Inside
from Strike the Match

"Do You Love an Apple?" by Syren
from Waves to the Sky

"Air: The Autumn Sky" by Rattle the Board
from The Parish Platform


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"Autumn Fair" by Laura McGhee
from Green Eyes

"Autumn Lux Lucis" by Burning Bridget Cleary
from Everything Is Alright

"Bread and Honey" by The Shanties
from Fear Not

"Feast of the Elven King" by The Gothard Sisters
from Compass

"Harvest" by Jenna Greene
from Crossroads

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