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Dec 14, 2017

You are working hard, struggling to survive and thrive. Sometimes the world seems out to get you. This show features music for the every day, hard worker with Celtic music from Spoil the Dance, The Gatehouse Well, Water Street Bridge, Vicki Swan, Kinfolk, Na Skylark, Nick Hennessey, The Tea Merchants, Kilted Kings, Celia Ramsay, The Kreellers, The Jackdaws, Bill Grogan's Goat, Sisters of Murphy.

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0:04 "Trip To Skye / Breton An Dro / The Cat And The Capo" by Spoil the Dance from Fairer Skies

6:13 "Calliope House Set" by The Gatehouse Well from And the Sparks Did Fly

11:04 "Paddy on the Railway" by Water Street Bridge from Oh Death

14:31 "Battle of the Somme" by Vicki Swan from a Single

17:47 "Working For the Company" by Kinfolk from This Land


23:00 "A Highland Reel-The Humors Of Glasses-Lough Ernes Water" by Na Skylark from Old Ceol

26:16 "Honest Work" by Nick Hennessey from Pebble & Bone

29:28 "Chariots of Steam" by The Tea Merchants from One Lump or Two?

33:38 "Blue Sun" by Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul

36:11 "I Ain't Gonna Work in the Factory" by Celia Ramsay from Songs of My Father's People


41:33 "Barnyards" by The Kreellers from Saints & Sinners

44:52 "Banish Morrisons" by The Jackdaws from Troubles

48:33 "Haul Away Joe" by Bill Grogan's Goat from Third Eye

55:05 "Working Stiffs Unite" by Sisters of Murphy from Working Stiffs Unite

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This episode has been on my mind for a long time. It was inspired by Sisters of Murphy's latest album which called "Working Stiffs Unite". I wanted a show for everyone who is struggling to make ends meet, when the odds seem against you. I hope this show will inspire you to keep creating, working and following your dreams.

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Dan Buchner emailed from from Niagara Falls, NY: "Hey Marc! Discovered the podcast over the summer. Great mix of music. The last couple weeks I’ve listened to a few I got behind on while restoring some old windows from a friend's 100 year old house. The tempo and mix helps me get through the work with ease."

Will Collins emailed: “Hey Marc (if I can call you that), I only found your podcast at the beginning of October but it's already got its hooks in me. I am a junior in college dual majoring in engineering and math. This isn't as exciting as anyone else, but I listen to the newest episodes and the giant backlog that exists every saturday during my 8-hour study sessions. It really makes the time fly, and I really appreciate all the work you put into making the best podcast around! Hope this finds you merry,“

Thanks Will. I’m so glad you found the show. It’s funny. You say that listening while studying for eight hours isn’t as exciting, but man, I love to hear it. Sure it’s  nice to think that we are all traveling in Ireland or Scotland, and listening to the podcast. But the truth is I listen while cleaning house, giving the girls a bath, or playing it to wear out overactive daughters right before bed.

Most of our lives are spent in mundane tasks. And while you may think it is uninteresting, personally, I find those mundane pieces of life to be fascinating and inspiring. And it lets me know how to make the show better. So thank you