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Jul 13, 2023

We're rocking the barley on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #614.

Chance the Arm, The High Kings, Réalta, Brad The Piper, Alexander James Adams, Brynmor, SeaStar, River Driver, The Langer's Ball, Ewen McIntosh, Brad Tuck, Paddyman, the commoners, Blaggards, The Elders, Derina Harvey Band


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0:02 - Intro: Hillary

0:17 - Chance the Arm "Toss the Feathers" from The Green Groves of Erin

5:35 - WELCOME

6:24 - The High Kings "Go With The Flow" from The Road Not Taken

9:15 - Réalta "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" from Thing Of The Earth

13:30 - Brad The Piper "Eye Wall" from The Forgotten Game

15:39 - Alexander James Adams "The Apple Changes You" from The Blue Rose Rare and Other Faerie Tales

19:20 - FEEDBACK

22:30 - Brynmor "Temprance Reel / Billy in the Lowground" from The Great Hill

25:47 - SeaStar "Luaidh Mo Cheile" from Never Go Back

30:08 - River Driver "Lukey" from Traces

34:01 - The Langer's Ball "Poor Paddy" from Hold Tight

36:52 - Ewen McIntosh "The Devil Dog of Glen Roy" from Ma's Math Mo Chuimh

41:03 - THANKS

42:52 - Brad Tuck "Off to Sea" from The Rocky Isle

45:38 - Paddyman "You Will Be Missed" from One for the Road

48:27 - the commoners "Where the Pretty Girls Are" from What's Your Whiskey For

54:23 - Blaggards "Spanish Lady" from BLAGMATIC

58:01 - The Elders "Moore St. Girls" from The Secret World of Celtic Rock and American Wake

1:02:16 - CLOSING

1:04:31 - Derina Harvey Band "Waves of Home" from Waves of Home

1:08:38 - CREDITS

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brennan donnelly replied to the question of what he's doing while listening: "Everything  -  from working to gardening to riding in my car." On St Patrick's Day he planned to be "cooking Salmon for friends than having a session"

Jeremy King of Poitin said: "Hey Marc, I'm off to Vienna this St Pat's weekend -  I'm sure there are one or two Irish pubs there. But really I'm going for a concert of film music by Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra and strolling around the beautiful old city...."

Anne emailed: "I most often listen while I’m driving. On St. Patrick’s Day I’ll eat out for a special Irish meal."

Gary Randolph said: "I’m doing a storytelling performance for St. Patrick’s Day."

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Shel O'Toole emailed: "Dear Marc, Thanks for sending out this song on ANZAC day.  The words of the returned soldier M Edgerley would be powerful enough on their own but when presented by the wonderful voices of Jonny Dyer and Vicki Swan and their musical accompaniment they are deeply felt.  I was moved to tears.

I tend to avoid ANZAC Day as it seems to have become a promotion of war rather than a remembrance of the horrors and loss.  This song took me back to when I was a child and the purpose of ANZAC day was to acknowledge the futility and ongoing impact of war.

This Aussie thanks you. Regards"

Brian McReynolds sent a picture: "So on my (local) travels, I wore my podcast shirt with my kilt while touring the B Reactor on the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington State. It was well received by a tour guide and one of the people on the tour. Love your podcast and everything you do for the artists. ''