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Jul 26, 2018

Let's open up the valley to Celtic music from Anthea Lawrence, Bonnie Rideout, The Rowan Tree, The Flying Toads, The Ennis Sisters, Gaelic Fury Band, Old Man Flanagan's Ghost, Tartanic, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Madman's Window, The Grenaways, Clover's Revenge, Sliotar, Stout Pounders, W Ed Harris.

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0:03 "The Wiser Maid" by Anthea Lawrence from Slainte Single

4:02 "Bert Gonnella's Jig/Lizzie Duncan's Fancy/Ron Gone" by Bonnie Rideout from Scottish Inheritance

7:31 "Tresor" by The Rowan Tree from The Rowan Tree

11:15 "The Templeglantine" by The Flying Toads from Warts 'n All

14:40 "Go Rosie Go" by The Ennis Sisters from Keeping Time


20:10 "Little Beggarman" by Gaelic Fury Band from Swimming Upstream

22:22 "Last Ballad" by Old Man Flanagan's Ghost from Far From Shore

27:12 "Trimming the Bush" by Tartanic from Unstoppable

30:20 "The Sheffield Apprentice" by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from Red House


38:20 "Blarney Roses" by Madman's Window from Avast!

40:37 "Cornish Girl" by The Grenaways from Skath Vyghan

43:36 "Banish Misfortune" by Clover's Revenge from Gotta Get O'Raggednized

46:09 "Pain" by Sliotar from Voyage

50:28 "Out Devil Out" by Stout Pounders from Pour Decisions

"The Well Below the Valley" by W Ed Harris from The Well Below the Valley Project

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Patrick Reese emailed: "I love the show, I first started listening while riding the bus and my bike to get to school (2 and a half hours) so thanks for making it a fun trip because it was boring without the music. I was able to download the music just fine, but I am just listening to all the podcasts via the YouTube playlist. Thank you for doing this :)"

Dawn emailed about the instrumental show: "Love this show!!! Took time out from chores to fiddle along with it! And... I just put your sticker on my Mandolin case. Thanks as always for all you do."

Dwayne Butcher emailed: "First off, thank you so much for all of the amazing and tireless work you do putting together each of the podcast episodes. I really appreciate this weeks instrumental episode, Instrumental Celtic Music Study Aid #347.   I am under a super-tight deadline to write and design the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan Summary Report for my work at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. By far my favorite episode to date, it has gotten me through this rainy Sunday typing and laying out the publication. I do have to admit, the pints help as well!! Keep up the great work!"

Charlie Hunt emailed a photo: "Your podcast is keeping me and my dog company while I read some classic Irish poetry of William Butler Yeats (with yes, some Jameson in the top right corner). Thanks for the show!"

F. Ryan O'Donnell emailed a photo: "I am counting macroinvertebrates (bugs) to assess water quality in rivers. I listen when I need an afternoon pick-me-up from the monotony!"