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Jul 28, 2010

Irish & Celtic Music from Anton Emery, Seamus Stout, Don Grieve, Beer Belly, Marc Gunn, Gaelic Storm, Birch Creek, Black Rose Roisin Dubh, Slan, Brendan O'Loughlin, Hugh Morrison, Na'Bodach, Bill Grogan's Goat, Heidi Talbot.

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:21 “Cloonagroe Reel” by Anton Emery from Noone Lasses

3:33 “O'Keefe's Slide, Scarce o'Tatties, A.A.Cameron's Strathspey” by Seamus Stout from Off the Wagon

8:13 “The Braes Of Killiecrankie O'” by Don Grieve from A Tribute to Robert Burns

11:33 “Rights of Man” by Beer Belly from Paddy's Boots

15:19 “Kilted For Her Pleasure” by Marc Gunn from Kilted For Her Pleasure

20:00 “Raised on Black and Tans” by Gaelic Storm from Cabbage

23:22 “Broken Mist” by Birch Creek from Celtic Enchantment

26:02 “Gallant Murray” by Black Rose Roisin Dubh from Black Rose White Rabbit

29"11 “Si Beag Si Mor” by Slan from South West

36:31 “Gallant Band” by Brendan O'Loughlin from Between Two Shores

41:55 “Rantin Rovin Robin” by Hugh Morrison from Robert Burns Rocks!

44:31 “Air and Jig (Fair Maid of Barra, Walking the Floor)” by Na' Bodach from An Intelagent Design

49:29 “Little Brigid Flynn” by Bill Grogan's Goat from Bill Grogan's Goat

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In every episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I ask you to vote for your favorite song in that podcast. The most-popular song is then featured at the end of the next podcast. Here are the most-popular songs from the last show.

5. “Heart of the Brave” by Maidens IV
4. “The Maiden And The Selkie” by Heather Dale
3. “Bold Jamie” by Cara Dillon
2. “Weave the Yarn” by Mary Knickle

54:37 #1. “If You Stay” by Heidi Talbot from In Love + Light

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