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Dec 13, 2012

Irish Celtic music from Pitch The Peat, Heather Gilmer, Jeff Moore, Makem and Spain Brothers, Sean Orr, The Kish Celtic Band, Patrick Clifford, Brobdingnagian Bards, The BorderCollies, The Harper And The Minstrel, Lonely Mountain Band, Marc Gunn, Samantha Gillogly, Hair Of The Dog, Maidens IV, Battlelegs, Ron Cody, Siochain.

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Pitch the Peat - Far From Home

This Week in Celtic Music

“Hartigan’s Fancy/Music In The Glen” by Pitch The Peat
from Far From Home

“Silver Slipper/Rocky Road to Dublin (Hop Jigs)” by Heather Gilmer and Jeff More
from Tradional Irish Music

“Never Get Their Man” by Makem and Spain Brothers
from Home Away From Home

“Seans Slide 1″ by Sean Orr
from Celtic Texas

“Little Bridget Flynn” by The Kish Celtic Band
from The Kish Celtic Band

“Jig to Joy” by Patrick Clifford
from American Wake

“TOLKIEN (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings)” by Brobdingnagian Bards
from Memories of Middle Earth (remastered)

“The Tricksy Hobbitses/Toss the Dwarf (jigs)” by The BorderCollies
from Laird of the Rings

“The Hobbit Drinking Song (Pour Me Another Pint)” by The Harper And The Minstrel
from Single

“An Unexpected Journey” by Lonely Mountain Band
from Second Breakfast

“The Smial or the Tree” by Marc Gunn
from The Smial or the Tree – Single

“Misty Mountain” by Samantha Gillogly
from Misty Mountain (single)

“MTA” by Hair Of The Dog
from Release The Hounds

“Waholning Rails” by Maidens IV
from Four Aflame

“Johnny” by Battlelegs
from The Soup Mages

“The Dog Set: Kerry’s Reel/Emmet’s Fancy” by Ron Cody
from The Talking Rake

“Amazing Grace” by Siochain
from Peace By Peace

Siochain - Peace by Peace