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Nov 23, 2017

We're giving thanks to you and all of our listeners for this Thanksgiving show with Celtic music from Sarah Marie Mullen, Beth Patterson, Margaret Davis, Patrick D'Arcy, Hearthfire, Adam Beattie, William Coulter & Friends, Nick Hennessey, String Thaw, Celeste Howard, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Mark Davies, Calasaig, Maidens IV.

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0:05 "Give Me Your Hand" by Sarah Marie Mullen from We Brought The Summer With Us

4:22 "Jigs: Mary Patterson's/All In The Family/The Rathfarnham Lilters" by Beth Patterson from Hybrid Vigor

9:17 "Princess of Flowers" by Margaret Davis from Princess of Flowers

15:58 "Reels: Garrett Barry’s / Corney Is Coming / The Kilfrush" by Patrick D'Arcy from Wallop the Spot

21:39 "Dear Friends" by Hearthfire from Finding Our Way


26:29 "The Family Tree" by Adam Beattie from The Road Not Taken

30:22 "Corn Rigs Are Bonny" by William Coulter & Friends from Celtic Sessions

33:12 "The Generous Lover" by Nick Hennessey from Of Fire, Wind, and Silver Stream

37:22 "Maggie in the wood/Jack's Maggot/Portsmouth/Hop pickers feast" by String Thaw from Smooth Sailing


42:37 "Blessing for a Journey Home" by Celeste Howard from Celtic Blessings

46:37 "We Were Friends" by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from Paper of Pins

51:22 "The Seventh Ribbon" by Mark Davies from The Celtic Harp

55:53 "In Friendship's Name" by Calasaig from Near & Far

1:01:18 "Irish Blessing" by Maidens IV from Celtic Fire

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Jared M. Gordon emailed: "Hi Marc, Thanks for the magnificent podcast. I listen to it on long car rides and the music is terrific. I especially love the Celtic Star Wars tunes. I hope to catch you at a forthcoming Ren Faire.

I'm a college professor and screenwriter and have recently completed a feature female-driven adventure screenplay that incorporates aspects of Scottish folklore. It's called The Storm King and is about Skye Blackwood, the 18-year-old reluctant successor to a remote village’s leader. She's forced to take up the mantle when the adults of her community, including her older brother, abruptly vanish, pushing her to set out with a ramshackle team to find them and become the leader she never wanted to be. The script recently made the top 10% of the Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowships, which is a top screenwriting competition. I'm excited!

I listened to a good number of your podcasts while writing it and the music was inspiring. I realize this is a total shot in the dark, but if you know of any managers, producers, or reps who'd be interested in reading such a thing, I'd be very grateful for the referral (and I'd absolutely become a patron). Either way, keep up the great work and I look forward to more excellent, inspiring music."

Thanks Jared. I'll be honest. Networking is not my strong suit. That's one of the reasons I podcast. It's easier than trying to go out and meet people. Yes, believe it or not, but I am a major introvert.

That said, if anyone out there knows managers, producers or reps, contact Jared. Or me. I could use help too.

Carol Baril commented on Patreon: "I listen to these podcasts while working at my computer software developement job. I can listen to the music while testing my programs since I have an office not a cube! I'm fairly new to Celtic music and find this music is fun and exciting to listen to...thanks Marc for great podcast!"

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