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Dec 7, 2017

Get your mind blown with over two hours of Celtic RAWWWWK. We're not holding anything back. You'll enjoy Celtic rock from The Elders, Syr, Jiggy, The Gleasons, Coast, Ryan MacNeil , The Ne'er Duwells, Dom DufF, Screaming Orphans, West of Mabou, The Kilt Lifters, Barleyjuice, The Crazy Rogues, Seagulls are Drunk, Claymore, Emish, Blackstone Cuil, Screeched Inn, House of Hamill, Sons of Malarkey, The Muckers, The Canny Brothers Band, The Bog Hoppers, Paddy's Pig, The Led Farmers, Lenahan, The Tossers, O'Hanlons Horsebox, Kilmaine Saints, Clan Na Gael (with Neil Anderson) , Ockham's Razor, Tuatha Dea.

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Imagine a world with no Celtic music. Pretty crappy, right? All you have is boring pop music being shoved down your throats by big record labels. You wouldn't get to experience the incredible music shared each and every week in the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

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0:05 "Hot & Bothered/Dublin Hallway" by The Elders from TRUE

6:14 "Invicta" by Syr from The Winter King

8:59 "Bean Phaidin" by Jiggy from Translate

12:57 "Irish Up" by The Gleasons from Let It Go

16:38 "1884" by Coast from Windmills in the Sky

21:08 "The Pipes Are Calling" by Ryan MacNeil from Shuffle

23:38 "Meet Me Back in Ireland" by The Ne'er Duwells from The Ne'er Duwells


29:13 "Roc'h" by Dom DufF from Roc'h

32:24 "Home" by Screaming Orphans from Taproom

35:43 "E Set" by West of Mabou from West of Mabou

39:03 "Green Grow the Rashes" by The Kilt Lifters from Jack in the Green

44:18 "Celtic Girl" by Barleyjuice from The Morning After

47:06 "The Sad Leprechaun" by The Crazy Rogues from Rebels' Shanties


43:12 "The Ballad of the Jackal" by Seagulls are Drunk from Next Round Is On Us

57:28 "Will Ye Nae Back Again" by Claymore from Claymore

59:58 "Glasses of Beer" by Emish from Sinners Make the Best Saints

1:03:36 PROMO by Gatehouse Well

1:03:42 "Irish Ways & Irish Laws" by Blackstone Cuil from Blackstone Cuil

1:09:35 "The Night Pat Murphy Died" by Screeched Inn from Screeched Inn

1:13:15 "The Pinnacle" by House of Hamill from Wide Awake


1:20:08 "Captain" by Sons of Malarkey from Gulls Lads

1:24:21 "Molly" by The Muckers from The Muckers

1:29:06 "Take Me" by The Canny Brothers Band from The Guinness Situation

1:33:04 "American Irish Soul" by The Bog Hoppers from Top Shelf

1:36:13 "Planxty Claude Duvall" by Paddy's Pig from Rebel Tooth EP

1:39:04 "Thomas Jefferson" by The Led Farmers from Katie


1:45:10 "Nothin'" by Lenahan from Brand New Bag and The Secret World of Celtic Rock

1:49:44 "Where Ya Been Johnny?" by The Tossers from Agony

1:52:13 "The Fighting Boys of Corofin" by O'Hanlons Horsebox from Songs and Stories of the Border

1:54:43 "2nd & Locust" by Kilmaine Saints from Whiskey Blues & Faded Tattoos

1:57:46 "I Still Believe" by Clan Na Gael (with Neil Anderson) from Rathkeltair & Friends CPR

2:02:01 "Our Lady of Galway Bay" by Ockham's Razor from Job's Comforter

2:07:14 "Whiskey in the Jar" by Tuatha Dea from Kilts and Corsets

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Samantha Humphreys emailed: “Hello, Hello! I’ve just gotten back from India where I was studying Kundalini yoga and used to being up at about 4 am listening to Indian music.  It’s now 7:30 am and I’m sitting down to this delicious nutritious plant based meal to do some lovely reading - I switch to some lovely jams for the background and the vibe. And your podcast is my immediate go to!

Thank you for sharing such lovely music, I’m loving Celtic music more and more as it feels so at home to me (I have Celtic roots on my mother’s side). I recently found here in Old Town Alexandria VA a LEGIT Irish pub called O’Connells and it’s my favorite go to spot for live traditional Irish music. They play in this little nook up front where there are thankfully no distracting TVs. The space in sum is large, 5 rooms, two floors. But the one up front when you first enter is where the live music is. It’s small, cozy, warm, intimate. A real Irishman working the bar! My friend and I went one evening without knowing there would be live music and there were only two people at the bar, her and I, and some lovely Irish musicians. It’s as if the place was reserved for just her and I. Such a beautiful time her and I shared in silence and in aw of the sounds and energy coming from the little nook! I will definitelyyy be going back there for some lunch and Celtic Music feels an in the mean time I’ll be into this podcast regularly- also just downloaded the app (: Thank you, thank you!
Namaste and Blessed Be. Samantha.

Thank you Samantha. Wow! It is beautiful to hear all the different types of people find and fall in love with our music. From India to Ireland and around the globe. Brilliant.

I hope you enjoy the app too. It definitely makes it easier to listen.