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Sep 22, 2016

We're take a glimpse at the music of The Highlands this week with awesome Celtic music from Battlefield Band, Socks in the Frying Pan, Seamus Kennedy, Bonnie Rideout, Ed Miller, Solas, Gallowglass Irish Trio, Jamie Smith's MABON, Stout Pounders, Terry Griffith, The Led Farmers, The Ne'er Duwels, Kailyarders, Barleyjuice, SeaStar. 

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* If you joined me on Facebook over the past couple o'weeks, you would've read a bunch of Celtic Music Spotlights. If you ever wanted to find out more about the bands in the show, these short features are both informative and fun. Plus, this week, we posted a list of upcoming Celtic festivals for the next month. I'm hoping that will be a new regular feature.

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* I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK: What are you doing today while listening to the podcast? You can send a written comment along with a picture of what you're doing while listening, or from one of your trips to one of the Celtic nations. Call 678-CELT-POD to leave a voicemail message. That's 678-235-8763.

Paul & Judith wrote shared a picture in the shownotes: "Hey Marc, We listened to this fantastic podcast whilst driving back to the ferry port at Ouistreham, Normandie, in northern France from La Loire to catch the ferry back home to Southern England. It made the drive go so much quicker! Thank you so much for putting it together – we really appreciate all your efforts!"

Tess Walsh shared a picture on Facebook and wrote. "Enjoying your podcast while drinking my nana's tea and doing homework. Thank you for keeping me focused, keep up the good work."

In last week's Celtic Music Magazine, I asked what people were doing for Halfway to St. Patrick's Day.

Dan Diviney wrote: "Hi there Marc, I’ll be celebrating Halfway to St. Paddy’s Day with Across the Pond again this year. We’re at The Garryowen Irish Pub in Gettysburg, PA."

Johnston Davidson wrote: "Our band, 33 1/3rd, will be celebrating Halfway to St Patrick's Day at Molly Malone's in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia, supporting traditional and contemporary Celtic music in the Southern Hemisphere. Warm work! Have a great day!"

Elaine Christian wrote: "The Southwest Celtic Music Association is producing a halfway to St. Pat's show but we're doing it on Friday Sept. 16"

Luiz Armando Capra Filho wrote: "Hello Marc! I love your show! And living in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. The southernmost state of Brazil. I found your podcast during the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in 2014. Since then, I follow weekly. I am a teacher and I listen to your show as I travel to the next town where I teach. Thank you, all the groups and Celtic fans. It lights up my days. Buen camino ! Viva Santiago! (Amazing show 275)"

Lynda Noble MacNeil wrote: "I love that you are playing such wonderful and off the beaten track music. I always hear a tune that I just have to learn! I will be celebrating “halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” on the 18th, making music with my band Gaelic Muses at Lily Mac’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Sunnyvale, CA. We will be mixing it up with piratey tunes, to link in to “talk like a pirate day”. We are 3 chicks in corsets playing Celtic music, both rock and traditional. I know we’ll have a blast! We don’t have a cd yet, maybe this year, but when it happens, I’ll be absolutely thrilled to hear one of our tunes on your podcast. Meanwhile, you give me constant inspiration. Thank you SO much!"


This Week in Celtic Music

0:28 "Highlands: The Lass of Killiecrankie / The Ladies of Gormand / Untitled Highland / The Teelin Highland" by Battlefield Band from Beg & Borrow

4:41 "The Track for the Craic" by Socks in the Frying Pan by Socks in the Frying Pan

8:56 "Finnegan's Wake" by Seamus Kennedy from By Popular Demand

13:05 "North Highland Tunes" by Bonnie Rideout from Celtic Circles

18:20 "Highland Laddie" by Ed Miller from Scottish Voice


23:14 "Little Bird of Heaven (feat. Mairead Phelan)" by Solas from All These Years

26:22 "Executioner's Jig" by Gallowglass Irish Trio from All Our Best

28:49 "Yes We Sing Now" by Jamie Smith's MABON from Windblown

32:14 "Atholl Highlanders" by Stout Pounders from Thirst

34:05 "Highland Paddy" by Terry Griffith from For My Grandfathers


40:30 "Share the Wealth" by The Led Farmers from Katie

43:42 "Meet Me Back in Ireland" by The Ne'er Duwels from The Ne'er Duwels

48:19 "Highland Lovers Song" by Kailyarders from The Black Well

51:01 "Nancy Drinks Tequila" by Barleyjuice from A Night at the Pub

56:39 "Highland Mary" by SeaStar from Never Go Back

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