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Apr 7, 2016

There's a lot of great Celtic music in Canada. Today, I want to introduce you to some of the hottest indie Celtic bands to cross the Canadian border to be heard around the globe with awesome Celtic music from The Fretless, NUA, Coole Park, Bonhomme Setter, Duncan Cameron, Kailyarders, Dust Rhinos, Sora, Chrissy Crowley, Madd Paddy, Jesse Ferguson, Rant Maggie Rant, The Irish Rovers, The Rolling Kings, Gillian Boucher, Bodh'aktan, The Malarkeys, Heather Dale, The Sheridan Band, Oona McOuat, Cod Gone Wild, Brad Reid, The Mudmen, Bang on the Ear, Keelhaul, Searson, Ennis, Hawp.

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* Each week, 150 people pledge $1 or more per episode to help pay for the production of the podcast. Whenever we hit a Milestone, you get an extra-long episode of Celtic music. You can Become a Patrons of the Podcast and help us hit the next Milestone which will feature 2-hours of Celtic Women.

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Steve Rausch sent in a voicemail.

John from Northeastern Ohio sent a voicemail.

Becky Collier emailed: "I've had the app a few weeks & just now starting to listen & enjoy. It's great! Thanks for what you do.
I'm not really sure how this ask for at least $1 per how is it to be paid? I probably missed"

Stephen Warta sent a picture and an email: "I have listened to your podcast on and off for the last 5 or so years. I always loved Celtic music and your podcast makes it really easy to hear a great variety of music that is hard to find otherwise. I have been traveling in South America for the past three months, and your podcasts provide awesome tunes for the long, lonely roads. Attached is me over looking Ushuaia and the Strait of Megellan in the southern end of Argentina. I was listening to "2 Hours of Celtic Fiddle Music" while climbing that mountain. Thanks for all you do."


This Week in Celtic Music

0:43 "Dirty Harry" by The Fretless from The Fretless
Vancouver, British Colombia

5:33 "Happy Cammy Drammy Birthday" by NUA from BOLD

9:27 "Lower the Sails" by Coole Park from Water Journeys

13:27 "Man of the House" by Bonhomme Setter from Obia

18:19 "The Mickey Dam" by Duncan Cameron from The Whistling Thief
Sudbury, Ontario


23:12 "Maritime Girl" by Kailyarders from King of the Jolly
White Rock, B.C

26:22 "Rocky Road to Dublin" by Dust Rhinos from I Should Behave
Winnipeg, Manitoba

31:29 "Piper" by Sora from Scorpion Moon

35:24 "Stepdance Set" by Chrissy Crowley from Last Night's Fun
Cape Breton

38:24 "The Roving Journeyman" by Madd Paddy from Arrived

44:16 "Byker Hill" by Jesse Ferguson from The Butcher Boy
Cornwall, Ontario

48:15 "Mayor Harrisons Set" by Rant Maggie Rant from Rant Maggie Rant
Stratford, Ontario

58:13 "All For Me Grog" by The Irish Rovers from Drunken Sailor
Nanoose Bay

1:02:25 "P Stands for Paddy" by The Rolling Kings from Raise a Class
St. John's, Newfoundland

1:05:48 "Lorraine's Dream" by Gillian Boucher from Elemental
Broad Cove (Inverness Co.), Nova Scotia

1:10:16 "Du Rhum, Des Femmes" by Bodh'aktan from Au diable les remords

1:12:41 "The Old Wild Boar" by The Malarkeys from Bloody Brillaint
Kelowna, BC

1:16:00 "Health to the Company" by Heather Dale from My Celtic Heart

1:21:47 "Run Around With Me" by The Sheridan Band from No Bar's Too Far
St Thomas, Ontario

1:25:40 "This Is A Prayer" by Oona McOuat from Honey & Holy Water
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

1:31:06 "Black and Tans" by Cod Gone Wild from Cod Gone Wild
Vernon, BC

1:34:38 "The Lame Duck" by Brad Reid from The Conunundrum

1:37:54 "Dirty Old Town" by The Mudmen from The High Road
Alvinston, Ontario


1:46:44 "Donkey Riding" by Bang on the Ear from Pubs, Pints & Pipes
Glengarry County, Ontario

1:49:13 "Skipping to Dublin" by Keelhaul from A Maritime Tradition

1:51:36 "Friday Night" by Searson from Live
Ottawa Valley, Ontario

1:54:55 "Sing You Home" by Ennis from Lessons Learned
St John's Newfoundland

2:00:47 "The Shieldhill Lady" by Hawp from Storm and Calm
Canning, Nova Scotia

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