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Sep 30, 2014

Irish Celtic music from Gan Fidel, Joe Derrane, Jesse Ferguson, Fiddlin' in th' Parlor, Bow Triplets, NUA, O'hanleigh, BOWI, Ciara Considine, The Irish Balladeers, Castlebay, Maidens IV, Sons of Malarkey, Brendan Monaghan, Brian Thomas.

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Joe Derrane - Grove Lane

This Week in Celtic Music

"September Reels" by Gan Fidel
from Gan Fidel

"Paddy Reynolds' Dream/Russel's Mountain" by Joe Derrane
from Grove Lane

"The Butcher Boy" by Jesse Ferguson
from The Butcher Boy

"Starry Night in Shetland" by Fiddlin' in th' Parlor
from Slow Aire

"The Blacksmith" by Bow Triplets
from Secret Signs

Celtic Music News

"Ecklunds" by NUA
from Bold

"Mike Muldowney" by O'hanleigh
from Of Irish Crossings Told

"Swallowtail Set" by BOWI
from Captain Hopper's Mutiny

"Is Ar Eirinn etc" by Ciara Considine
from Beyond the Waves


"Cushy McCoy" by The Irish Balladeers
from The Molly Maguires

"The Spring of Shillelagh/The Acorn" by Castlebay
from Tapestry II - Garden of Green

"T Cup O'Scotch" by Maidens IV
from Live Out Loud

"Jack Stewart" by Sons of Malarkey
from Sons of Malarkey

"Flicker of Hope" by Brendan Monaghan
from Flicker of Hope

"From the Highest Hill" by Brian Thomas
from Prairie Rain

Brian Thomas - Prairie Rain

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