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Apr 27, 2017

Enjoy some Scottish and Celtic music as we highlight musicians performing at the Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games of 2017 with Celtic music from Battlefield Band, Tullamore, Scotland Rising, Ed Miller, Willow and Her Giant, Jed Marum, Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse, The Selkie Girls, Reel Treble Band , Seamus Stout, Madi Davis, Skeleton McKee, Cleghorn, Murder the Stout, Jiggernaut. Listen. Like. Share. Then download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free! 

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This week, we're doing a special on the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. I decided to do this feature as an extra way to financially support the event. You see, every time you buy one of our compilation CDs or make a pledge to the podcast on Patreon, I donate some of the money to Celtic non-profits. Many of them are non-profit Celtic festivals. Last fall, I sent the Texas Scottish Festival a donation. I thought it'd be nice to promote the event with a special feature, especially since I have permission from many of the artists who are performing at the festival. You can find out more about the artists at and you can attend the festival May 5-7, 2017 in Arlington, Texas.

The first track was...

Battlefield Band is not actually performing at the Texas Scottish Festival, but Brian McNeill, one of the founding members, is. And since I don't have permission to play any of his music, I thought that'd make a nice alternative.


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Tim Keeley sent in a voicemail.

MarDee McDougal emailed: "THANK YOU!!! Makes me think of my Irish ancestors and my wonderful heritage."

Edward Montgomery posted on Facebook: "Listening to the podcasts regularly on my way to teach each morning or on trips to Colorado and Wyoming. They are a great treat when you live where no trip is local. Buying from iTunes also!"

jinxintheworld posted on iTunes: "I used to love this podcast. I've been subscribed for what seems like forever. While I still enjoy it, I find myself fast forwarding through large chunks due to the quality and type of Celtic music being played. It seems more interested in putting out lots of music rather than quality music. Just my opinion though. Still very much worth a listen."

dbadvan posted on iTunes: "Uplifted in Afghanistan! Marc's superb podcast is a powerful way to lift my spirits from the demands of working a tough job in a faraway place. Thank you."

This Week in Celtic Music

0:35 "Tending The Steer / Sandy Thompson / The Calrossie Cattle Wife" by Battlefield Band from The Producer's Choice

5:14 "The Ballad of Jack Dolan" by Tullamore from Wild and Wicked Youth

9:12 "Howl at the Moon" by Scotland Rising from Out of the Ashes

11:05 "Walk the Road" by Ed Miller from Come Awa' Wi' Me

14:26 "O'Carolan's Farewell to Music" by Willow and Her Giant from Demo

17:47 "Massacre at Glencoe" by Jed Marum from Calla's Waltz


22:40 "Jack Haggerty" by Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse from The Laverock Sang

26:16 "Norlan Wind" by The Selkie Girls from Pirate Queen

30:38 "Renwick's Ferret/Road to Errogie" by Reel Treble Band from Reel Treble Band

33:51 "The Spanish Lady" by Seamus Stout from Off the Wagon


39:35 "The Moon" by Madi Davis from Above the Waves

43:30 "Before the Devil Knows We're Dead" by Skeleton McKee from Leave the World Laughing

47:44 "Castle Kelly" by Cleghorn from Cleghorn

52:00 "Troosers" by Murder the Stout from Murder the Stout EP

56:45 "Miners Life" by Jiggernaut from The Well

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