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Mar 3, 2016

President Obama declared March to be Irish American Heritage Month. Of course for me, March is the month of all the Celts as we gather to celebrate the musical and culture of the Celtic nations running all the way up to St. Patrick's Day. I have a ton of great episodes planned for the next few weeks starting today with an extra-long St Patrick's Day special featuring the indie Celtic music of Friday Frolics, Wicked Tinkers, Fiddlinda: Linda Relph, Michael Black, Anne Roos, Michael DeAngelis, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Slipjig, Merry Wives of Windsor, Sons of Malarkey, Ginger Ackley, Aisling, Barleyjuice, Hanz Araki, Jed Marum with Hugh Morrison and Mason Brown,  Jameson's Revenge, Sgian Dubh, Ed Miller, Fromseier Rose, Skelpin, Searson, Ren.

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* St Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival. The festival begins with lots of great indie Celtic bands performing. Come watch. It's Free!

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* 18 Funny Irish Drinking Songs for St. Patrick's Day

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:26 "Return to Gallifrey" by Friday Frolics from Factor 3

6:50 "Farewell to Nova Scotia" by Wicked Tinkers from Hammered

9:33 "Goodbye to Ocean Boulevard" by Fiddlinda: Linda Relph from There & Then - Here & Now

12:57 "Billy O'Shea" by Michael Black from Michael Black

16:13 "The Fairy Child & The Fairy Queen" by Anne Roos from A Light in the Forest

20:52 "Lost in Cork" by Michael DeAngelis from Son of a Dunigan


26:54 "Lord Ullins Daughter" by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from Gleowien

31:47 "Hardiman The Fiddler / The Whinney Hills Of Lietrim / Barney Brallaghan" by Slipjig from So Far...

35:30 "Babylon Is Fallen" by Merry Wives of Windsor from Bottoms Up

37:31 "Tripping Father" by Sons of Malarkey from Presenting...

40:54 "Green the Hills" by Ginger Ackley from Elf King's Horn

43:21 "A Walk In The Park - Drakensberg Storm - All Roads Lead To Underberg" by Aisling from The Pilgrim's Road

47:56 "St Patrick's Day" by Barleyjuice from This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

50:48 "A Kiss in the Morning Early" by Hanz Araki from Wind and Rain

54:35 "Broom of the Cowdenknowes" by Jed Marum with Hugh Morrison and Mason Brown from Sands of Aberdeen

58:25 "The Golden Shower" by Jameson's Revenge from While Yer Up

1:01:10 "Pills of White Mercury" by Sgian Dubh from Frightening All the Dogs


1:06:43 "Room for Us All in the Dance" by Ed Miller from Edinburgh Rambler

1:11:32 "Blantyre Explosion" by Fromseier Rose from Contradiction

1:14:43 "Rua/Rojo" by Skelpin from Rua Rojo

1:18:50 "Another Mile" by Searson from Live

1:23:40 "My Heart Belongs to Ireland" by Ren from Single

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