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Aug 11, 2022

Is Celtic music good for the environment?  Lissa Schneckenburger starts an environmental conversation from fear and denial to empowerment and creativity on this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Subscribe to hear the story and get 34 Celtic MP3s for free.

Spoil The Dance, ÚLLA, The Kelly Girls, Wolf & Clover, Wolf Loescher, Andreas Transø, Sharon Shannon, McKasson & McDonald, Gerry O'Beirne & Rosie Shipley, Lissa Schneckenburger, Old Man Flanagan's Ghost, Harmundi, Jamison Celtic Rock, Niamh Parsons


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0:13 - Spoil The Dance "Jigs : McIntyre's Fancy, Newtown Bridge, Inis Bearachain Jig 2 " from Returning Home

4:04 - WELCOME

4:48 - ÚLLA "Fr. Kelly Set (Reels)" from Ulla

8:51 - The Kelly Girls "Mariners of England" from May You Always

11:49 - Wolf & Clover "Top of Cork Road  -  First Avenue  -  The Merry Maiden" from Wolf & Clover

14:24 - Wolf Loescher "Lads Among Heather" from Sheep's Clothing

I wanted to share this song in part because of a new episode on my Pub Songs & Stories podcast. I talk about a song called “Lads in the Shire”. The lyrics were inspired by Wolf Loescher’s song. Though of course, they are about Lord of the Rings, which is rather timely since a new Lord of the Rings prequel is coming to Prime Video next month. 

18:42 - FEEDBACK

21:36 - Andreas Transø "If" from The Earth and Everything in It

24:32 - Sharon Shannon "Pull Out The Stops" from Sacred Earth

27:40 - McKasson & McDonald "Mark the Hard Earth" from Harbour

32:39 - Gerry O'Beirne & Rosie Shipley "Air" from Yesterday I Saw the Earth Beautiful

34:14 - THANKS


A few weeks back, I was reading Lissa Schneckenburger’s email. Lissa is a fantastic Celtic musician from Vermont. She has a great newsletter where she inspires you to practice. In one email, she was talking about Summer Road Trips. She mentioned the Sustainable Touring Arts Coalition on how to make your travel as sustainable as possible. Her friend Laura Cortese toured plastic free. And Lissa did a tour with her husband and son on a bicycle!

I’ll let her tell the story

41:28 - Lissa Schneckenburger "The 11th Labor of Hercules" from Thunder in My Arms


I found Lissa’s story extremely inspiring. Obviously, I’m concerned about our carbon impact on the climate which is why I mentioned the Carbon Almanac in a past podcast. Her story got me excited. I went down a rabbit hole looking into sustainability in the music industry. I found a few resources, but not much. So I’ve been looking into ways that I can make my music career and podcasting career more sustainable. 

One of the coolest things that Lissa Schneckenburger’s story inspired me to do is to make my own bike gig plans. With any luck, I will announce at least one bike show this Fall.

I’d love your thoughts and feedback. Have you seen any Celtic musicians working hard to support our environment? What did they do? Please email me.

46:21 - Old Man Flanagan's Ghost "May" from Sociable

51:22 - Harmundi "Farewell To Thom" from Um Orvalho Boreal

55:56 - Jamison Celtic Rock "The Most Irish Girl in America" from Heyhowrya

59:07 - CLOSING

59:46 - Niamh Parsons “Green Grass It Grows Bonny” from In My Prime

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