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Mar 14, 2016

Here's another St. Patrick's Day music treat for you. The Czech Republic's most-prominent Celtic music group is Poitin. They've won numerous Celtic music awards and have been a favorite on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast since nearly the beginning. We are honored to share their latest CD "Wish" in its entirety.

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Today's show is brought to you by Poitin

Poitin are an award-winning Celtic band from the Czech Republic. They play all kinds of Celtic music from traditional jigs, songs and reels to completely new material. They've toured in Germany, France, Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic. They are currently working on a new studio album with a working title of "Simple Pleasures". This is their 7th album and will mark their 20th year performing together. Find them at .




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* St Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival has 22 videos on the playlist. You can enjoy Celtic music from Bedlam Bards, Faire to Middlin, Abby Green, Marc Gunn, The Selkie Girls, Jim Sharkey, Drones n Drums, Beltaine, Avourneen, Eddie Biggins, and Poitin.

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* Every now and then, a band gives me permission to play a full album of their music, from start to finish. This is exactly what some DJs did back in the 70s as they launched careers. I'm always honored to feature a band when they give me permission. But I'm doubly honored to share the music of Poitin.

Poitin has been regularly featured on this podcast since 2009. It was their traditional Irish set of Congress Reels that first grabbed my attention. But since then, they've released album after album of great music. Last year, they sent me their album "Wish" and it's been one of the albums I've given to my Sainted Song Hengers and one I still enjoy in my car when I'm not listening to podcasts.

Now I want YOU to listen and enjoy the entire album. As usual with bands on this podcast, there's a small request that goes along with it. If you enjoy the album, please consider buying the CD or an MP3 of your favorite track. Or head on over to iTunes, CD Baby, or Amazon and post a review of how much you enjoyed the album. Or join their mailing list so that you can be notified when their Poitin's new album comes out this fall.

Independent Celtic musicians like Poitin rely on your generosity. Because without you, we can't make a living with our music. So please show your support in some form or fashion.

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This Week in St. Patrick's Day Celtic Music

  1. Toffee Jigs: Paddy Fahy's / Leitrim Fancy / Sean Bui
  2. The Broomfield Wager
  3. Rookery: Magpie in the Nest / Chicken Fight / Rookery
  4. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  5. Newcomer's Reels: My Maryanne / Tommy Peoples' / McGlinchey's / Kitty Gone a Milking
  6. Farewell Waltzes: Farewell to Uist / Drumgola Waltz
  7. Autumn Song
  8. F Reels: Poor but Happy At 53 / The Road to Errogie / Sporting Paddy
  9. How I Wish
  10. Poitin Still: Scully Casey's / Poitin Still / Shetlag / Muireann's Jig
  11. Arthur McBride
  12. Blue Bear Polkas: Richard's / Willy Wink's / Blue Bear / Bill Sullivan's
  13. Cold, Haily, Windy Night
  14. Set of the Gates: Wedding Reel / Swinging On the Gate / Palmer's Gate
  15. The Liberty

I hope you enjoyed this album. Again, if you did, then please post a review, buy a CD, MP3, or join their mailing list. While you're at it, you can also post a comment or review for the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. If we can get another 40 reviews and ratings on iTunes before St. Patrick's Day, we just might hit #1 of all the iTunes Music Podcasts. So go rate the show. Oh and finally, don't forget to subscribe to the Celtic Music Magazine. Thanks so much for listening.

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