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May 3, 2018

There's nothing like dancing in the rain with awesome Celtic music from Dun Aengus, Na Rosai, Gwendolyn Snowdown, Breabach, Lunasa, Spirited Lads, Ginger Ackley, Moonrakers, IONA, Jim Sharkey, Colleen Raney, The High Kings, David Pedrick, Trinity River Whalers, Runa, The Gothard Sisters.

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0:03 "Shandon Bells" by Dun Aengus from Down By the Glenside

3:42 "The Rainy Day/The Sparkle Slip/The Cloon" by Na Rosai from First Rain

8:28 "Little Duke Arthur's Nurse" by Gwendolyn Snowdown from Three Strand Braid

12:28 "Cockerel in the Cree" by Breabach from The Big Spree

15:35 "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore" by Lunasa from Cas


22:30 "Jigs" by Spirited Lads from Tall Tales and Fond Farewells

25:39 "Celtica" by Ginger Ackley from Elf King's Horn

27:38 "Shotover" by Moonrakers from Tides

30:40 "Wildwood Flower" by IONA from Signature

35:20 "The Campaign Song" by Jim Sharkey from Sweet Anne's Road


42:32 "I Know My Love" by Colleen Raney from Lark

44:38 "The Rising of the Moon" by The High Kings from Decade: Best of the High Kings

49:02 "Carolan's Draught" by David Pedrick from Wintertide EP

50:48 "Strong Women Rule Us All" by Trinity River Whalers from Dancin' Beggarman

55:06 "Black River" by Runa from Current Affairs

1:00:15 "Midnight Sun" by The Gothard Sisters from Midnight Sun

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Kitty emailed: "A few years ago, you had a song on the podcast (from an Irish-american band) called The First Ones Drinking and the Last Ones Standing. That was the refrain if not the title. The song was hilarious. Is it available for download? I cannot remember the name of the band. Thanks!"

Laurie Fisher of Carolina Ceili emailed: "I'm listening while prepping for a waltz dance I'm putting on this evening in a lovely ballroom in Asheville, NC.  I've been turned on to some fine music and bands thru your podcast.  I especially appreciate the homage to trees and Arbor Day.  May I suggest 'Bonny Portmore', which I've heard on your podcast before.  'Tis a song about regret for cutting down a beautiful tree."

Joseph Earl-Ridley emailed a picture: "You always sound so pleased to hear from your listeners so I thought I'd send a message to let you know how much I've been enjoying your podcast. I only started listening on Easter Sunday so the latest Arbour Day episode was my sixth. I attach a photo that I took this morning whilst listening out walking my goats, high in the mountains of Portugal! Keep up the good work."