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Aug 5, 2016

A 16 hour drive makes this show a bit later than usual. But you'll still enjoy awesome Celtic music from Susan Kidney/Donna Germano, The Rogues, Southern Tenant Folk Union, BOWI, Arthur Hinds, The Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, Crepuscule, The New Minstrel Revue, StoneRing, Lost Boys, Redhill Rats, Brothers 3, Icewagon Flu, Young Dubliners, Bat Kinane.

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Dan Williamson of Clan Gunn wrote: "Awesome show Marc. I listen to your show while driving at work. Love it. You can never have too much pipes and drums."


This Week in Celtic Music

0:26 "Stewart's Triumph/Highland Fling" by Susan Kidney/Donna Germano from Highland Fling

4:34 "Willie and the Brain" by The Rogues from V.O.

8:35 "The New Farming Scene from Southern Tenant Folk Union from The New Farming Scene

12:28 "Cliffs Set" by BOWI from Captain Hopper's Mutiny

15:43 "Pwca in the Garden" by Arthur Hinds from Tome of Mystery


20:00 "Arrah, Come in Out of the Rain/Barney McShane" by The Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra from Since Maggie Dooley Learned the Hooley Hooley

23:25 "The Sound of Steat Set" by Crepuscule from Shades of Music

27:27 "Step It Out Mary" by The New Minstrel Revue from Far and Away

31:01 "Saddle Set" by StoneRing from Samhain


36:10 "Rambles of Spring" by Lost Boys from Collected Quarto

40:11 "Heroes of the Modern Times" by Redhill Rats from Some Heroes

43:37 "Rambling & Rakish" by Brothers 3 from The Journey That Lies Before

48:02 "Nancy Whiskey" by Icewagon Flu from Off the Wagon

50:41 "Sees of Sorrow" by Young Dubliners from Nine

54:41 "Biddy Mulvey and the Landgrabber" by Bat Kinane from The Hills Above the Valley

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