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Feb 10, 2022

Nowhere is more sacred than our hearts as we celebrate Celtic culture through music on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. The Carroll Sisters, One Street Over, Wolf & Clover, Poitin Band, Vintage Wildflowers, The Rogues, The Dustbunnies, Wooden Legs, Hugh Morrison, Rising Gael, Hearthfire, The Ogham Stones, Hot Griselda, Kilmaine Saints, Duncan McLauchlan I hope you enjoyed this week's show. If you Heard a song, tune or artist that you loved, I’d like you to share this episode and tag the artist on social either on your page or in a Celtic group you’re a part of. Include the show time so they can quickly listen and enjoy.

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0:06 - The Carroll Sisters "Reels For Three Brothers" from Daybreak

4:42 - WELCOME

5:44 - One Street Over "Castle Kelly" from Beyond the Gate

8:28 - Wolf & Clover "The Unquiet Grave" from twelvemonth and a day

13:26 - Poitin Band "Red River Jig" from Banks of Red River

16:35 - Vintage Wildflowers "In My Prime" from Lovely Madness

19:07 - FEEDBACK

22:56 - The Rogues "Hollerin' For Haggis!" from Made In Texas

29:56 - The Dustbunnies "Paddy Lay Back" from What Goes Around

33:35 - Wooden Legs "Billy" from Animali

37:39 - Hugh Morrison "Welcome To Skye/Mary Of Skye" from Under A Texas Skye

41:16 - Rising Gael "Never Know" from One More Day

45:57 - THANKS

48:34 - Hearthfire "A Bad Day (Can Be a Good Story)" from After the Fall

51:28 - The Ogham Stones "Minstrel Boy / Cadence to Arms" from One, Two, Feck You [Explicit]

53:17 - Hot Griselda "Black Molly  -  Rockall" from Sunbox

57:54 - Kilmaine Saints "The Whiskey's Calling" from Drunken Redemption

1:01:00 - CLOSING

1:03:58 - Duncan McLauchlan "Eilean a' cheo" from A different flag

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