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Dec 8, 2022

Patronage is incredibly important to creators, whether as a musician or as a podcaster. This is an all-request show from the Patrons of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #584.

Runa, serious kitchen, Marc Gunn / Sam Gillogly, Gone Molly, Altan, Talisk, The Gatehouse Well, The Elders, The Killdares, Syr, Celtica Pipes Rock, Alexander James Adams


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0:06 - Runa "Saints and Sinners" from Ten: The Errant Night

4:09 - WELCOME

D Morse commented on your post: "I love some of the songs by Runa - Saints & Sinners or Dance in the Graveyard."

John Sharkey White, II commented on your post: "Young Hunting by Serious Kitchen. Peggy Gordon by some guy who hosts a podcast…"

5:38 - serious kitchen "Young Hunting" from "Tig"

Carol Baril commented on your post: "Hey Marc! Would love to hear the following: Hobbit Polka by you and Sam, Madness Never Leaves by Gatehouse Well and anything from the Syr Sentinel album! Thanks!!! I listen to the podcast while I work so it helps make the day more joyful and love hearing such talented artists!!! So much better than what's played on the radio today (mho)!"

13:58 - Marc Gunn / Sam Gillogly "Hobbit Polka" from Dancing With Hobbits

Miranda Nelson wrote: "Follow by Gone Molly and Baobhan Sith by Syr. I usually listen to the podcast while I'm working on graphics...for the podcast. At the moment, I'm listening while creating the 2023 Irish & Celtic Music Podcast shirt/pin."

17:33 - Gone Molly "Follow" from Gone Molly

22:09 - FEEDBACK

Sarah Fletcher commented on your post: "Hi Marc, I would love to hear Altan's "Bacach Shíl Andaí" from The Gap of Dreams. Thanks!"

24:12 - Altan "Bacach Shíl Andaí" from The Gap of Dreams

Jim Whitfield commented on your post: "Hi Marc, You played Talisk once (show 400 I think) and I was impressed so much that I bought all their albums and saw them when they played nearby. So, how about replaying Talisk!"

28:45 - Talisk "Crooked Water Valley" from Beyond

34:01 - The Gatehouse Well "Madness Never Leaves" from Undone

38:20 - THANKS

Joe Deyaeghere commented on your post: "would love to here Fly Away by the Elders, being a Kansas City boy :)"

40:49 - The Elders "Fly Away" from Well Alright Then

Aaron Adair commented on your post: "I know they haven’t recorded in a long minute, but the Killdares “Rose de Lay” is a big favorite of mine. Thanks, Marc!"

45:09 - The Killdares "Rose de Lay" from Secrets of the Day

53:17 - Syr "Baobhan Sith" from Sentinel

Steven commented on your post: "Theme song to dead like me? Or something by Celtica pipes rock “druids march”?"

58:14 - Celtica Pipes Rock "The Druids Prophecy" from Legends And Visions

1:01:57 - CLOSING

Michael Cavanaugh sent you a message: "If it's too late, no worries, but I always love Wintertide by Alexander James Adams. You actually got me into their music (both Heather’s time and Alexander’s time), ,and now I’m a Patreon supporter for him as well."

1:03:29 - Alexander James Adams "Wintertide" from Wintertide

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Dan C commented on your post: "Thank you Marc. Do you have any music from the Drowsy Lads? I’ve heard them on the main stage at the Dublin and Milwaukee Irish festivals and was curious if you could play some of their music."

William & Mary commented on your post: "Thank you so much for the message! I don't know if it's possible, but I'd love to hear some Jean Redpath. Any song is fine. Suggestions include Lowlands and Riddles Wisely Expounded - but anything by Jean Redpath is incredible. (She's a legend!) Thank you!"

Lawrence Carrington replied on Mastodon: "Listening to your podcast and happily surprised to hear you're on Mastodon"

Jolena posted on Mastodon: "I want to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. I've been listening for several months now and I love the music. Thanks for introducing me to some great celtic music."

I asked her if she discovered any new music through the podcast: "Yes I have. I like Lunasa, Flook, the Gothard Sisters, ETC."