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Aug 3, 2023

Paddy’s on the turnpike listening to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #619. What about you?

Arise & Go, Corey Purcell, Beltaine, Seán Heely, The Irish Rovers, Low Lily, Irishtown Road, Iain MacHarg, Eclectic Revival, Screaming Orphans, Derina Harvey Band, Caliceltic, Marc Gunn, Juha  Rossi


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0:02 - Intro: Aoife at Bridge O’Malley’s Tower House on Achill Island

0:16 - Arise & Go "The Braes: Dr. MacInnes' Fancy / The Braes Of Mellinish / The Famous Baravan / The Hag At The Churn / Up Leitrim" from Meeting Place

4:41 - WELCOME

6:17 - Corey Purcell "Jigs (Father O'Flynn's/When Sick is it Tea You Want/Mind the Dresser)" from Undaunted

12:19 - Beltaine "Mercy" from Mercy

16:24 - Seán Heely "Journey through Strathmore" from Dramagical

22:14 - The Irish Rovers "Paddy on the Turnpike" from 50 Years

26:15 - FEEDBACK

29:52 - Low Lily "Northern Spy" from Low Lily (EP)

32:42 - Irishtown Road "The Ghosts of Gettysburg" from On the One Road

37:21 - Iain MacHarg "Dr Alasdair" from Ceòl Na Beinne    Music of the Mountain

42:53 - Eclectic Revival "Cry Havoc" from single

47:45 - THANKS

49:25 - Screaming Orphans "Darlin' Girl from Clare" from Paper Daisies

52:36 - Derina Harvey Band "Up All Night" from Waves of Home

56:59 - Caliceltic "No Porter on Paddy's" from 2023 and Me

1:00:55 - The Indulgers “In Like Flynn” from The Secret World of Celtic Rock and In Like Flynn

1:04:10 - CLOSING

1:05:29 - Juha Rossi "The Chieftains' Polkas" from Irish Tunes on Mandolin

1:08:00 - CREDITS

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Phil Hartline replied to the Celtic Music Magazine: “I listen in my shop, where I make musical instruments and general wood projects.   I am celebrating Celtic Culture through music by learning to play the fiddle! I have a wonderful opportunity to learn true Co. Clare style from a man who spent a lot of time there. Beginner that I am, I will still be playing tunes on my fiddle to celebrate!"

Paul replied: "Marc, I was sitting at my computer writing code ... as one does ..

"For St Patrick's Day?" I will be participating in an Irish Road Bowling event with my co - workers at the Green Bank Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia

We started back in October, listening to music for Samhain, then continued into November and December with Celtic Christmas ... and really we listen to Celtic music year - round  -  but I will be celebrating Celtic culture by wearing the green on Friday while I'm busy at Ból an bhóthair, then hoisting a proper stout afterwards. Going to a fife and drum reunion in July (in Williamsburg, VA), where I will be playing a heck - ton of good Irish, Scots, and Welsh music (as well as a smattering of German and English marches, because, well, 18th C. Military music was all over the place)

We always enjoy your shows!!!"

PENNIERICH replied: "During the show we usually take a break and just relax and listen.”

Jesse Ferguson emailed: "I'll be listening to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast at work that day, then practicing my favourite Irish songs at home on my guitar. Finally, I'll be activating a new Irish song on my YouTube channel, to share with my subscribers, a tradition I've kept going for over 12 years."

Michael Maccarone emailed: "Marc Gunn, I usually download episodes and stockpile them. I listen to them on (my rare) vacations, after I have broken them down into 20 - 25 minute chunks (my mp3 player won't rewind within a track, so I split each episode into 3 - 5 mini episodes, which makes it easier if I missed something and want to go back). As a result, I'm only up to episode #430 so far.

I don't have any specific Celtic culture plans [for St Patrick’s Day] for this week, other than I just watched the Oscar - winning short, An Irish Goodbye yesterday, and hope to get to the Banshees of Inisheerin in the next couple of weeks. Keep up the good work!"