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Aug 5, 2021

School is back in session in Georgia. So let's enjoy the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Tartanic, Bay Allen, ÚLLA, Sue Spencer, Jesse Ferguson, Duncan Mclauchlan, Glaucia Carvalho, The Gothard Sisters, Matthew Young, Brad Reid, The Munster Men, No Murder No Moustache, Ockham's Razor, Banda Gaites Camín de Fierro, Blaggards, Caliceltic

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0:05 - Tartanic "Airholes" from Unleashed

6:26 - WELCOME

7:06 - Bay Allen "Hector the Hero" from Celtic Whispers

9:22 - ÚLLA "P Stands for Paddy" from Ulla

13:55 - Sue Spencer "The Ship's in Full Sail" from North Shore

15:51 - Jesse Ferguson "If I Was a Blackbird" from Sailor Songs

20:00 - FEEDBACK

22:50 - Duncan Mclauchlan and Glaucia Carvalho "McPherson's rant" from McLauchlan's Celtic Brew

26:58 - The Gothard Sisters "The Golden Thread" from Dragonfly

30:03 - Matthew Young "Humors of Whiskey" from Here's to Dear Old Erin

33:50 - Brad Reid "Hills of Glenorchy" from New Scotland

37:04 - The Munster Men "Billy Taylor" from Tasting The Waters

41:33 - THANKS

43:28 - No Murder No Moustache "Sut Tyfodd Y Gath Mor Dew?" from The Odds Are Stacked Against

46:05 - Ockham's Razor "King of the Faeries" from Secrets and Silence

48:50 - Banda Gaites Camín de Fierro "Dias Mejores" from Rock & Fierro

53:45 - Blaggards "Spanish Lady" from BLAGMATIC

57:16 - CLOSING

58:27 - Caliceltic "The Tippler" from Staycation

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I usually listen while driving or walking my dog but today my workmate is being particularly loud on the phone, so Im drowning her out with some awesome music and your cheery voice while tackling emails and spreadsheets.

Thank you for doing this, i didnt realise how much i love celtic music until this podcast.

Sandra, New Zealander living in Australia"

Danny emailed: "Thanks Mark for featuring Emma Langford. I met her at Millwaukee irishfest two years ago for her first American appearance.  Huge fan ever since. I’m covering one of her songs this weekend in Galena at Frank ODowd’s in the Irish Cottage. She is such a talent.  Thank you for promoting her. Slan"

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