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Jan 5, 2023

Happy New Year with new Celtic music for 2023 from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #588.

Kalos, Poitín, Wolf Loescher, Kinnfolk, The Kelly Girls, The Carroll Sisters, The Máirtín de Cógáin Project, The Gothard Sisters, Brynmor, Willowgreen, Mitchell and Vincent, Jesse Ferguson, The Bow Tides, Harmundi, Emma Langford, The Tannahill Weavers


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0:10 - Kalos "April & Joe's (Jeremiah McLane)/Brownington Ceilidh Club (Ryan McKasson)" from Headland. Check out the Kalos Kickstarter.

5:22 - WELCOME

6:36 - Poitín “One For The Road” from One For The Road

10:02 - Wolf Loescher "Johnny Gallacher" from Sheep's Clothing

12:30 - Kinnfolk "The Ballydesmond Polkas" from The Knotted Circle

16:32 - The Kelly Girls "Walk In The Irish Rain" from May You Always

19:08 - FEEDBACK

23:00 - The Carroll Sisters "Grandparents' Reels" from Daybreak

28:28 - The Máirtín de Cógáin Project "Holding an Eye" from From Cork with Love

32:48 - The Gothard Sisters "It Was Beautiful" from Mountain Rose

36:42 - Brynmor "Temprance Reel _ Billy in the Lowground" from The Great Hill

39:59 - Willowgreen "Under the Quarter Moon" from Inland Sea

43:41 - THANKS

46:39 - Mitchell and Vincent "Seven Stars, The Sloe" from The Preservation of Fire

49:46 - Jesse Ferguson “Kelly of Killane” from The Bard of Cornwall

52:45 - The Bow Tides "Dulcie's Delight" from Sailing On

56:39 - Harmundi "Acres Wild" from Um Orvalho Boreal

1:01:02 - Emma Langford "Mariana" from Sowing Acorns

1:05:11 - CLOSING

1:06:12 - The Tannahill Weavers "Fragment of a Scottish Ballad" from Òrach (The Golden Anniversary)

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Tim Bailey replied on Facebook: "A thanks to Joe Deyaeghere for requesting the Elders. I somehow missed their April 2022 release of 'Well Alright Then I'm now playing that album having finished this fine episode. Cheers, Marc. Cheers, Joe."

Woodland Folk emailed a photo: “i am a fiddler now,for better,for worse,enriched with ur music,with love we travel or not at all”

Mike Nichols emailed: "Mark, Listening to the tail end of episode 575.

Thanks for an awesome way to connect. I'm in the west Texas desert but recently found out that a fair portion of my genes come from the greater Dublin and greater London areas. Also a smattering of lower Saxony .

My first knowing about Celtic music was when a highschool girlfriend and her mom took me to the Gasoline Alley pub here in town to listen to Linda Grubb's St Paddy's day show.

Let me bring the storyteller to heel, and get to my point. My proposal for the name for the instrumental segment or instrumental only shows would be.

"Celtic Reconnect"

I'm not a patron yet, but those episodes are the second reason I want to make that happen.

I have a small group of co - workers and family with whom I share individual episodes. It been a great way to keep communication open when there is nothing that "needs" to be said. Thanks."