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Dec 28, 2017

Who were the most-popular Celtic bands in 2017? We're ending the year with some of my favorite Celtic bands of the year with Celtic music from Black Market Haggis, The Gothard Sisters, Ed Miller, Ockham's Razor, We Banjo 3, Screaming Orphans, Jesse Ferguson, Battlelegs, Battlefield Band, The Elders, Poitin, Runa, Sons of Malarkey, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Screeched Inn, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse, Barleyjuice, Ciana, Coast, West of Mabou.

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0:06 "Welcome Paddy Home" by Black Market Haggis from Better Than It Sounds

4:52 "Chaos in La Casa" by The Gothard Sisters from Mountain Rose

7:58 "Bonnie Bessie Logan" by Ed Miller from Come Awa' Wi' Me

11:29 "I'm Coming Home Northumberland" by Ockham's Razor from Wolves in the Walls

16:29 "Over the Waterfall/Liberty Polka" by We Banjo 3 from Roots of the Banjo Tree

18:59 "The Ballad of Spring Hill" by Screaming Orphans from Taproom


24:15 "All For Me Grog" by Jesse Ferguson from Folk Favourites

27:18 "Greenland Whale Fisheries (acoustic version)" by Battlelegs from Facemelt Friday

29:47 "Leaving Friday Harbor" by Battlefield Band from The Producer's Choice

34:55 "Golden Ghost" by The Elders from TRUE


41:15 "O'puss No. 7" by Poitin from Simple Pleasures

46:16 "Bedlam Boys" by Runa from Live

49:37 "Killarney Boys of Pleasure" by Sons of Malarkey from Gulls Lads

51:58 "The Proposal" by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from Red House

58:15 "Farewell to Nova Scotia" by Screeched Inn from Screeched Inn


1:04:48 "Billy Gray" by Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse from The Lang Awa' Ships

1:09:32 "Whiskey & Weed" by Barleyjuice from This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

1:13:23 "King's House/The Maids of Selma/Abbey Reel" by Ciana from Rubicon

1:17:27 "Gordon's Reels" by West of Mabou from West of Mabou

1:23:29 "Windmills in the Sky" by Coast from Windmills in the Sky

1:29:32 "Silent Place" by Jiggy from Translate

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Seán Roy Mac Aodha emailed: "Hi Mark, First off, I want to say that I really enjoy listen to your Celtic music podcasts. You do an excellent job putting together selections, and listening to an hour of the ICM podcasts is one of my great pleasures and I'm happy to be a subscriber.

Right now, I'm listening to the podcast #324, Celtic in Connemara, and I think it's great that you want to learn to speak the language a little better. While I'm not a native speaker, I am an Irish-American with exposure to the language, and my pronunciation is pretty good. I'm glad to answer any questions you may have. Although many words look intimidating, it's really not that hard once you learn the rules of Irish orthography.

You should probably know that the correct name of the language spoken in the Gaeltacht regions of Ireland is properly referred to in English as "Irish," and not Gaelic, as many people think, as "Gaelic" can mean Scottish Gaelic or even Manx. In Irish, the word for the language of course is "Gaeilge."

Good luck with your Duolingo lessons, and I'll look forward to your continuing podcasts. Thanks so much for all you do."