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May 25, 2023

We're casting a magic dragon spell to enchant you with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #608.

Moher, Fiddle Folk Family, Cavort Celtic, Gordon McLeod, Forkroot, Joey Abarta, Kieran Byrne, Brad Reid, Paddyman, David Arkenstone, Thrifty Malone, Chance the Arm, River Driver, Caliceltic, Ewen McIntosh, Ryan Roubison


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0:02 - Intro: Jim Nettles

0:13 - Moher "Hervitmon (slip jigs, jig) 30th Anniversary Slip Jig  -  Herman The German_s  -  Hervitmon" from Phoenix

4:37 - WELCOME

6:14 - Fiddle Folk Family "Maid behind the bar / Cooley's reel / Kilmaley" from Ungeschieden, ungekämmt, ungehört

10:17 - Cavort Celtic "Damn Cold Song" from Kilted Cavort

15:05 - Gordon McLeod "Magic Slipper" from Still Fiddlin'

18:17 - Forkroot "Coyotes at the Dump" from Water & Shade

21:41 - FEEDBACK

25:10 - Joey Abarta "Any Ol' Jig Will Do/The Black Rock/Top it Off (Hop Jigs)" from King of the Blind

28:29 - Kieran Byrne "Welcome Home" from single

31:46 - Brad Reid "Sunday Session" from The Bridge

36:01 - Paddyman "One for the Road" from One for the Road

39:55 - David Arkenstone "The Green Dragon" from Music Inspired by Middle Earth vol.ll

42:59 - THANKS

45:10 - Thrifty Malone "Fill Up Me Barrow Boys!" from single

48:07 - Chance the Arm "Foggy Dew" from All in Good Time

51:20 - River Driver "Fiddle Sticks Set" from Traces

55:42 - Caliceltic "The Wild Rover" from 2023 and Me

58:54 - Ewen McIntosh "Donald MacGillivray" from Ma's Math Mo Chuimhn

1:02:29 - CLOSING

1:03:54 - Ryan Roubison "The Jolly Soldier / The Little Stack of Wheat" from Songs from the Willow Glen

1:07:43 - CREDITS

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This is the last episode before I head out on vacation. In fact, as this show goes live, I’ll be having a nice time in Nice before going to visit family in Italy. And then on to Ireland for my Celtic Invasion of Westport and County Mayo.

Once again, let me remind you to keep an eye open on our Facebook page, and my Instragram where you can see some pictures from my travels with Celtic music.

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Nate Morefield emailed some St Patrick's Day pictures: "Hey Marc, pictures are still trickling in, but attached are a few from 3/17 and 3/18.

In terms of funny material, maybe our tune Another Drink might qualify?  It's about a guy who's missing his ex, but mostly because he needs her to fix him another drink...  Just a thought."

Ben Doran emailed a St Pat's photos: "Hello Marc, thanks for the invite to share photos. Here's a couple from the Friday night Wild Hog in the Woods Folk Collective's St. Patrick's Bash -  -  featuring myself, Lisa Johnson (as Leafy Greens), and friends Casey Day and Greg Matysik.

And for funny songs? We there's Makem/Spain  Bros. "Mr. La DeDaDeDum", but a big bully for you if you can find the rare, "The Second Hand Trouser's I bought in Belcoo" written by Martin McConnell, I believe (brother to the excellent columnist/story teller, Cormac McConnell).

Slan go foill."

Melissa Wade of Wild Blue Yonder emailed some photos: "Great to hear from you, Marc! We did have a good  -  and very busy  -  St. Patrick's Day! We played three shows in three days, traveling through wind, rain and cold to several different towns. Happy belated birthday to you, as well!!

Attached are a few pics from our celebrations. The posed shot is at Anakeesta Mountaintop Adventure Park in Gatlinburg, where we played on St. Patrick's Day. Taking our Irish Celtic music high up in the Great Smoky Mountains to entertain for the holiday was most fitting and special. And while the howling wind and blowing rain were less than pleasant, they gave us the sense of actually being in Ireland!

Thanks again for writing, and for all you do for Celtic musicians! We love your show."

Sean Malloy of Band o'Brothers emailed a photo: "Hey Marc!  Happy Belated Birthday & St. Patrick’s Day!  Hope you had a wonderful time and a wonderful gig with your daughters.

Attached is a picture of Band O’Brothers as we prepared to roll through the streets of New Haven in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  We had a blast playing out songs for the joyful people along the parade route, and after we completed the parade route we even stopped our float outside a neighborhood bar to play a few songs for the revelers.  We had a great day!"