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Jan 18, 2018

Spread Celtic Music Love with joyous Celtic music from Ryan MacNeil, Ciana, Na Skylark, Bellow Bridge, Forkroot, The Gatehouse Well, Hibernia, The Jeremiahs, Jodee James, Natalie MacMaster/Donnell Leahy, Dom Duff, Screaming Orphans, The Founding.

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0:03 "Cearcall A' Chuin (The Ocean's Circle)" by Ryan MacNeil from Shuffle

4:24 "Huish the Cat-P.M. Donald MacLean of Lewis-Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow" by Ciana from Rubicon

8:46 "The Little Red Lark/The Kilfenora Jig" by Na Skylark from Old Ceol

12:52 "The Knocknaboul Set" by Bellow Bridge from Cautionary Tales

16:45 "Opus in the Breeze" by Forkroot from Water & Shade


20:57 "Maggie" by The Gatehouse Well from And the Sparks Did Fly

24:37 "Bo na Leath-adhairce" by Hibernia from Wide Waters

27:07 "Derry Gaol" by The Jeremiahs from The Femme Fatale of Maine

30:32 "All the Way to Avalon" by Jodee James from Lady of the Fountain


38:07 "The Chase" by Natalie MacMaster/Donnell Leahy from One

43:38 "Klask Ar Wagenn" by Dom Duff from K'kwll

49:30 "Handsome Johnny Flynn" by Screaming Orphans from Ballads Rule OK

55:02 "Piper's Folly" by The Founding from Form

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Michael Finlay emailed: "Just letting you know, I'm a new listener, though I should have been listening ages ago. I'm from Chicago but my Dad was from Liverpool, and I spent quite a lot of time in the British Isles. I'm deep in the bowels of NaNoWriMo at the moment and your show has been providing me with the most perfect soundtrack to keep my butt focused on finishing this project. You're doing amazing work. Thank you!"

Trish Bartley shared the first podcast of 2018 on Facebook and wrote: "This week's podcast is full of gorgeous songs to drive by! Makes my 45 minute commute "almost" too short. Lol. Thanks Marc Gunn! Awesome job!"

George Mears emailed: "Marc, I've been a lurker for years as I've stumbled through adulthood, fatherhood, husbandhood, and school. I've become a patron but I didn't see any opportunity to make a one time donation, which i'd like to do for all the ... years I've been mooching. Any easy answer or should I just mail you cash?"