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Oct 6, 2022

Jigs & Reels, the Celtic instrumental music of Ireland is on this week’s Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Lúnasa, Ogham, Mary - Grace Autumn Lee, The Lilies of the Midwest, Willos' & Massimo Giuntini, Bella Issakova & Randy Clepper, The Chieftains, Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira, Anne Roos, David Blonski, Barrenhart, Téada, Highlander Celtic Rock Band Australia, Banshee in the Kitchen, Wakefire, Telenn Tri


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0:02 - Intro: Wakefire

0:11 - Lúnasa "Sinead Maire's" from Cas

5:14 - WELCOME

6:34 - Ogham "Johnny Mickey's / Where is the Cat" from The Gold Ring

9:17 - Mary - Grace Autumn Lee "Erin Quinn’s: Tyrell’s Pass/The Coolinarne Jig/The Thatcher (Jigs)" from Eyre

12:43 - The Lilies of the Midwest "That's Right Too  -  The Turnpike  -  Shakin' Down the Acorns" from Flora

16:52 - Willos' & Massimo Giuntini "The Belfort Set" from From Now On

21:37 - FEEDBACK

26:55 - Bella Issakova & Randy Clepper "Blackbird / Jack Rowe / Eanach Mhic Coilin / Carthy’s Reel" from Pre - Release

32:36 - The Chieftains "Humours of Carolan" from Bear's Sonic Journals: The Foxhunt  -  Live In San Francisco 1976

41:27 - Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira "Cumberland Gap" from All It Brings

45:42 - Anne Roos & David Blonski "Lovely is the Dark Blue Sky" from A Winter's Dance

48:39 - Barrenhart "Hector The Hero" from Celtic Grass

53:23 - THANKS

55:15 - Téada "Jigs  -  The Cauliflower / Tom Busby’s / A Tribute to Jim" from Coiscéim Coiligh / As the Days Brighten

58:36 - Highlander Celtic Rock Band Australia "Bung Knee Jigs" from North of the Wall

1:01:50 - Banshee in the Kitchen "Rouge Mouse" from The Last Pint  -  Not

1:04:58 - Wakefire “Catharsis” from Meaning of Life

1:08:34 - CLOSING

1:09:27 - Telenn Tri "The Rock on the Clyde / Monaghan's" from Macquarie Street

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was produced by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. The show was edited by Mitchell Petersen with Graphics by Miranda Nelson Designs.

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Kyle Hayes emailed: "I'm very excited that you're going to be at the highland games in TN. I went the first time when I was 12, back in 2001 or so. It's when I got hooked on bagpipes, celtic music etc. I even had plans to join the Nashville pipe band, but didn't have time due to other activies. Now I'm teaching English in Mexico City and found out in May that there are pipe bands here, so I'm taking lessons so I can join them. Surprisingly, the pipe band I'll be joining as large crowds when they perform; there are also a number of celtic bands here as well. Enjoy Tennessee, I wish I could be there!"

Anne Lorkowski posted a photo on Facebook after I posted a picture of me running on the beach. She writes: "What a coincidence, I’m listening to the new episode while running along the beach in Fiji! Oh did I say running? My bad, I’m actually drinking a pina colada during happy hour. Sláinte and Bula! 😊"


There are a bunch of abandoned barns in Shakertown

Biking through glorious countryside

Andrew McKee and Jamie Haeuser