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Jul 17, 2006

Indie Celtic music from The Wild Clover Band, Michael William Harrison, Marita Brake, Tenpenny Travelers, Willie McCulloch, Stuart Martz, Cormorant’s Fancy, Marc Gunn & The Dubliners’ Tabby Cats, Trinity River Whalers, Celtic Music Society, Coyote Run, Celtic Stone, Mr. Ferris Pighouse Collection, Whirly Jig, Rhianon.

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This week in Celtic Music

00:12 “The Banish Set” by The Wild Clover Band from Behind the Blarney

05:18 “Old Carrion Crow” by Michael William Harrison from First Time ‘Round

08:57 “The Celtic Spirit” by Marita Brake from The Celtic Rose

11:35 “Dapper Dan” by Tenpenny Travelers from Beyond the Gate

17:53 “Outer Hebrides” by Willie McCulloch from Auld Tales & New

20:07 “The Diamond” by Stuart Martz from Threesome Reel

23:59 “The Waves of Kilkee” by Cormorant’s Fancy from An Evening at the Fairfield Inn

27:03 “The Mining Ship the Red Dwarf” by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners’ Tabby Cats from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

30:13 “Botany Bay” by Trinity River Whalers from Knotty Tales

34:56 “Four Jigs” by Celtic Music Society from Color Blind

39:26 “Dragon of Cabo San Lucas” by Coyote Run from Pleads the Fifth

42:56 “Do You Love an Apple” by Celtic Stone from Digital Flashbacks

46:30 “O’Neills march / Tralee gaol” by Mr. Ferris Pighouse Collection

49:35 “Bitter Wine” by Whirly Jig from Thing-A-Ma-Jig.

55:50 “Cruel Mother” by Rhianon from A Rake, A Wheel, and Ragged Reel

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