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Jun 22, 2017

Hear some Irish music from Shannon Heaton's amazing podcast Irish Music Stories. You'll enjoy music from John Williams, Keith Murphy, Kevin Griffin, Eoin O’Neill, Sharon Shannon, Shannon Heaton, Maeve Gilchrist, Paddy League, Karan Casey, John Gannon, Tina Lech, Kathleen Conneely, Sean Clohessy, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Seamus Connolly, Sean McComiskey, Kieran Jordan, Girsa, Liz Carroll, Daithi Sproule, Trad Youth Exchange, McCarthy Family.

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 Shannon Heaton - Blue Dress

This Week in Celtic Music

0:16 ABOUT IRISH MUSIC STORIES - The stories behind the music

1:04 “Darley’s Reel, the Jug of Punch, Garrett Barry’s Reel” by John Williams from self titled debut

4:30 “Nous Allons a une Fete” by Keith Murphy from Bound for Canaan

7:32 “Seamus Connolly’s” (Jig) by Kevin Griffin with Eoin O’Neill, Sharon Shannon from Traditional Music from Doolin Co. Clare

10:23 “Aunt Jane’s Trip to Norway, It Goes As Follies & Eddie Duffy’s” by Shannon Heaton (flute), Maeve Gilchrist (harp), Paddy League (drums) from Blue Dress


16:10 “Ae Fond Kiss” by Karan Casey from Ships in the Forest

20:10 “The Luachrachan's Jig / Hardiman’s Fancy” by John Gannon, Tina Lech, Kathleen Conneely and Sean Clohessy from From Tulla to Boston: Live at the Burren

23:42 “Golden Glove” by Matt & Shannon Heaton from Lovers’ Well

28:34 “I’m Waiting for You, The Magpie's Nest, The Thirteen Arches, The Sailor's Cravat” by Seamus Connolly from The Banks of the Shannon



36:07 “The Priest and His Boots” by Sean Clohessy, Sean McComiskey, Kieran Jordan from Cover the Buckle

37:42 “Captain, Captain” by Girsa from A Sweeter Place

41:00 “Tune for Mairead & Anna Ni Mhaonaigh” by Liz Carroll & Daithi Sproule from self titled

44:25 “The Tap Room, Galway Rambler, Mountain Road” by Matt & Shannon Heaton and Dan Gurney from archival field recording


50:50 “Mug Of Brown Ale, Leg Of The Duck, Munster Buttermilk” by Trad Youth Exchange from From Tulla to Boston: Live at the Burren

52:40 “My Love is in America, The Milliner’s Daughter” by McCarthy Family from From Tulla to Boston: Live at the Burren

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