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Sep 29, 2010

Enjoy Jed Marum's fantastic CD The Soul of a Wander, courtesy of this generous Celtic singer from Dallas, Texas.

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This Week in Celtic Music

Today's show is a special feature on Jed Marum's first solo CD “The Soul of a Wanderer”. The album was released in 2002. I interviewed Jed about the CD at the Texas Scottish Festival. He once again volunteered to make the entire album available to you for free.

However, there's a catch. Jed is a full-time, professional musician. If you enjoy this CD, all we ask is that if you enjoy the album, if you listen to it again and again. Then please purchase a copy for your CD library. Your support of Jed Marum is a vote of confidence in independent Celtic music. That goes a long way. Help us to change the way you hear Celtic music.

The Soul of a Wanderer

1. Desolation Island
2. My Sweet Wyoming Home
3. Banks of the Mobile
4. Angus Fraser
5. Ferry Me Over
6. Soul of a Wanderer
7. Lost Little Children
8. Phil the Fluther's Ball
9. San Antonio Rose
10. The Sons of Liberty
11. Letter from Lilac Acres
12. Drill Ye Tarriers
13. Lakes of Ponchartrain
14. Garden Where the Praities Grow
15. Sarah's Mountain Time

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