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Dec 5, 2019

How to vote in the Celtic Top 20, plus lots of great Celtic culture through Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Mithril, Round the House, willos', Andy Law & Friends, Outbound Traveler, Jim Sharkey, We Banjo 3, Eamonn Flynn, The Prodigals, Kyn, Hard Green, The Wild Irish Roses, Brother Sea

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With the new year comes a new votes in the Celtic Top 20. This is our way of finding the best songs and artists each year. Just list the show number, and the name of as many bands in the episode as you like. Your vote helps me create next year's Best Celtic music of 2019 episode.  Vote Now!


0:07 - "The Trip To Skye/Brenda Stubbert's/The Hunter's Purse/Tommy Peoples" by Mithril from The Return Home

6:57 - WELCOME

7:37 - "MacLeod's Farewell" by Round the House from Safe Home

10:53 - "Pastures of Plenty" by willos' from 4th

15:25 - "An Diberdhyans / Dons Bewnans" by Andy Law & Friends from The Long and the Short of It

20:19 - "Vincent Black Lightning" by Outbound Traveler from Go On and Wander


27:44 - "The Old Piano" by Jim Sharkey from A Lovely Day

32:45 - "The Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek" by We Banjo 3 from Gather the Good

36:48 - "Black Coddle" by Eamonn Flynn from Black Coddle


45:13 - "Jug of Punch" by The Prodigals from Brothers

51:16 - "Fata Morgana" by Kyn from Earendel

55:32 - "Whisky in the Jar" by Hard Green from Rare Old Mountain Dew

59:49 - "Garry Owen" by The Wild Irish Roses from Full Bloom

1:02:26 - FINAL NOTES

1:03:58 - "Curious Shore" by Brother Sea from EP

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We are near the end of the year. That means there are just a couple more weeks left for you to vote in the Celtic Top 20.

The Celtic Top 20 is a poll for you to pick the best songs of each episode of the podcast. At the end of the year, I compile the twenty most-popular songs of all episodes into one very special, extra-long episode.

Your last day to vote for your favorite Celtic songs of this year is on December 18, 2019. There are many ways you can vote. I will list two below.

The most-obvious way to vote is to just relax and listen to the show. Each time you come across a song or tune that blows you away, write down the show time.

Then head over to the shownotes at I list the times of each song played in the show. If you wrote down 5:56, you can find exactly what song was played at that timestamp.

Just copy the band name and the show number. Go to and cast your vote.

You can repeat this procedure with as many tracks as you want in the show.

That’s the basic way. But sometimes you want to give every song a solid chance to be heard. So now I want to share tips on how to make voting easier, using a method I use when picking my favorites.

Step 1. At the top of each episode of the podcast, I list every artist in the show. Copy and paste that list into a notes program along with the show number. I use Evernote. So that’s where I paste it.

Step 2. Listen to the episode. If any song or tune doesn’t impress you, look at the show time to find out the band name. Delete that band from the list.

Step 3. Repeat that procedure until you’re done.

Step 4. Go vote at Post all of the band names that remain in your list in the voting form. Congrats you’re done!

I know. I’m a bit anal about voting. But sometimes I’m impressed by multiple artists. So I want to give each a chance to be heard again.

Either of these methods of voting are great with me. Ultimately, I want you to just enjoy the show. But the Celtic Top 20 is something special. This is a chance for many artists to get extra special attention. The tracks are also added to our Top Irish & Celtic Music Playlist on Spotify. It’s a big honor. But these artists need your votes to earn it.

So go vote in the Celtic Top 20 today!

Every year, I take a small group of Celtic music fans on the relaxing adventure of a lifetime. We don't see everything. Instead, we stay in one area. We get to know the region through it's culture, history, and legends. You can join us with an auditory and visual adventure through podcasts and videos. Join the invasion at

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What are you doing today while listening to the podcast? You can send a written comment along with a picture of what you're doing while listening. Email a voicemail message to

Tim Meushaw emailed two years ago: "Hi, Marc, I have been a listener for a very long time, but usually when I'm listening I'm doing fairly mundane things, like cleaning or driving.  But I was on holiday on the Isle of Mull, in the Inner Hebrides, for a few days last week, and listened to episode 332 while hiking north to Ardmore Bay, outside of Tobermory.  They say that on a clear day, you can see to the Isle of Skye, which reminded me of next year's Celtic Invasion.  I can't say I actually saw Skye, but the rest of the scenery was breathtaking.

To prove I was listening, I made a short video of the bay, with "Sláinte Mhaith" from that episode playing as background music.  Hope you enjoy!"

Tim followed up a few days ago and reminded about this email. So let me say first I am sorry Tim that I missed your email. I haven a much better system for including your feedback into the show. And hopefully, I won't run into that problem again in the future. Thank you so much for sharing the video too.

If you want to watch Tim's video. Head on over to the shownotes.

Fred Gilbertson emailed some photos in July 2018: "Hi Marc, I listened to your podcast for the 1st time yesterday. I had spent some time in the morning deleting other stuff from and then adding new stuff on my iPod. I think I stumbled upon your show doing an iTunes search for Natalie MacMaster. Anyway, I loaded the podcast on and later I rode my bike. My 1st new listen was to an NPR New music podcast, and when it ended I switched to your show.

I enjoyed it a lot, and I intend to listen again in the future. You read a note from the listener in Suffolk, England and told of the pictures he had attached for your viewing pleasure, and you welcomed “us” to send more. Right at that moment I happened to be at a spot that I thought you would find interesting. I was on the Colonial Parkway, near Williamsburg, VA. I stopped right where I was and took 3 pictures, rode another mile or so and took 2 more. It was a rather gloomy day, but it is always rather glorious out on this stretch of the earth.

On one 1 side of the parkway where I stopped, there is a farm that’s called “Gospel Spreading Farm”, which, due to its religious identity, is the only residence and farm that remained when the land was cleared decades ago for the construction of the parkway.

Same spot, looking to the southwest, you see the James River

Same spot, sort of northwest in direction, more of the James as well as the southern tip of Jamestown Island, where the colonists arrived in 1607.

About a mile away, the James w/ a look at the Surry Nuclear Power Station

Same spot, a selfie."

Brandon Ball emailed a photo in May: "Love the podcast First podcast I ever listened to, back in 2009. Keep turning them out! And please play Drunken Night in Dublin by The Mahones?

Here’s what I just built while listening to the most recent podcast. Whiskey you’re the devil is playing now. It’s a box for sprouts! Thanks Marc, Great listening,"

Kathy Levin emailed in March 2017, “Hey Marc, Hope all is going well.

You always ask what people are doing while listening to your Celtic Podcast - well I spend many days here at work (WD-40 Company) catching up on back episodes I have not listened to while working.

I use this to drown out the fact I work in an area with some very noisy people. Today I am setting the mood for an Irish Rovers concert we are going to tonight.

On another note:  Would you please send me the link for artists that would like to have their music on the Podcast?  I have a great guy that I met last year at an SCA event and then re-connected with last month who is interested. He is out of Canada and is also on Patreon.

Thanks for the great music!"


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