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Sep 14, 2017

We are just 6 months away from St. Patrick's Day. So we're gonna celebrate with an extended show of Halfway to St Patrick's Day Celtic music from Black Market Haggis, Sharon Shannon, Lochlainn, Coast, Forkroot, Screeched Inn, Peat in the Creel, Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, Mark Davies, Seamus Kennedy, Crepuscule, Screaming Orphans, Ed Miller, Men of Thunda, Fiddler's Green, Alasdair White, Kilmaine Saints, Nancy Daily-Green, Battlelegs, Kilted Kings.

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The Louisville Irish Fest is held on the final weekend in September of each year and features traditional Food, Unique Gifts, Children’s Events, Irish Dancing, Libations and Music from the Emerald Isle. Enjoy music from Blarney Castle, Runa, and Keltricity.


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Altan is fundraising a new album through PledgeMusic.

Traditional Irish musicians in the DFW area, with the support of the Traditional Irish Music Education Society (TIMES), are banding together to play a 24-hour session to raise money for those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Black Market Haggis, who played the first track of this podcast are helping to raise awareness for this event. Support Tunes for Texas right now!

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Robert Eby emailed: "Thanks for your great work on the podcast, Marc! I love how much diversity of Celtic music you put into it. I especially love Celtic rock and you have a special hour just on that with bands I’m mostly unfamiliar with! Ed Miller used to host a Celtic segment on Austin’s NPR station, but he NEVER played anything with bagpipes. I have a theory that Ed Miller doesn’t like the bagpipes. But you, Marc, you aren’t afraid of anything!"

You're very welcome Robert. That's one of the many things I love about this podcast. The diversity. That is what truly makes America great. A few years ago, I published my CD How America Saved Irish Music (listen to show #169). The main part of the story is that the Irish diaspora preserved traditional Irish music, which made it's way back to Ireland. But the other aspect is that we are melting pot of different cultures. And all of those influences end up in contemporary Irish & Celtic music, whether you're talking about rock'n'roll, R&B, jazz, country, bluegrass, hip hop, electronica. And it's brilliant. The traditional culture is important but so are the changes that affect the music every day. Without it, I would be playing the same 12 bands over and over again.

As for Ed Miller, I love that theory. And I have a few vague memories of him cracking jokes about bagpipes which may confirm your hypothesis. If you're like Ed Miller or just like Ed Miller's music, he has a radio program called Across the Pond. It comes out on Sundays from 6-8 PM on Sunradio in Austin. And I *think* you can listen to it online.

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0:29 "Concertina Reel Set" by Black Market Haggis from Better Than It Sounds

4:07 "Rusheen Bay" by Sharon Shannon from Sacred Earth

7:58 "Keg of Brandy" by Lochlainn from Fisher Street

12;41 "Windmills in the Sky" by Coast from Windmills in the Sky

17:16 "Unk's Last Stand" by Forkroot from Water & Shade

21:10 "Black Velvet Band" by Screeched Inn from Screeched Inn

25:36 "Autumn Child" by Peat in the Creel from The Barn Session


30:19 "Rinn Mi Córr is Naoi Mìle / I Travelled More Than Nine Miles" by Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac from Seinn

33:36 "Song Without Words" by Mark Davies from The Celtic Harp

37:29 "You're Not Irish" by Seamus Kennedy from On the Rocks

40:25 "The Hosting of the Sidhe" by Crepuscule from Horizon

44:42 "Paddy's Lamentation" by Screaming Orphans from Taproom


52:18 "Gie the Fiddler a Dram" by Ed Miller from Many's The Fine Tale

57:08 "Jim's Aire/Scotland the Brave" by Men of Thunda

59:25 "Irish Air" by Fiddler's Green from Drive Me Mad

1:03:15 "The Amorous Lover" by Alasdair White from An Clar Geal (The White Album)

1:08:58 "Raise My Glass" by Kilmaine Saints from Whiskey Blues & Faded Tattoos

1:13:42 "Fisherman's Song for Attracting the Seals/Song of the Seals" by Nancy Daily-Green from Delia's Hearth

1:18:56 "Gentlemen Sing" by Battlelegs from Lost My Shoes

1:22:59 "Slainte Mhaith" by Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul

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