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Nov 7, 2019

We're all going home to great Celtic music and culture.

Andy Law, Dustin Cooper, Seaumas Gagne, Poisoned Dwarf, Molly's Revenge With Moira Smiley, Songs for Ceilidh, Fir Arda, Nicole White, Marcas Mac, Ballinloch, Westwood Bluegrass Band, Rebels and Sinners, Hard Green, Marc Gunn

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0:03 - "Royal Wedding / Sun Assembly" by Andy Law & Friends from The Long and the Short of It

5:32 - WELCOME

7:08 - "Gathering Peacods and Newcastle" by Dustin Cooper from So Many Strings, So Little Time

9:55 - "Is Truagh Leam Ar Sgaradh" by Seaumas Gagne from Baile Ard

13:02 - "Bus from Fingal" by Poisoned Dwarf from Bolt the Door

19:54 - "Weave My Love a Garland" by Molly's Revenge With Moira Smiley from The Western Shore


28:03 - "Going Home" by Songs for Ceilidh from Falling Forward

33:07 - "The Beautiful Gortree" by Fir Arda from Greenhouse Sessions

35:48 - "Summer Tales" by Nicole White from Fantasy

39:11 - "Dumbbells" by Marcas Mac


46:19 - "End in Front" by Ballinloch from Rise Up!

50:29 - "Kenzie" by Westwood Bluegrass Band from Kenzie

55:09 - "Til the Bottle Strikes Me Dead" by Rebels and Sinners from Day's Just Begun

58:36 - "Rare Old Mountain Dew" by Hard Green from Rare Old Mountain Dew

1:02:24 - CLOSING

1:03:42 - "Mingulay Boat Song" by Marc Gunn from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

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What are you doing today while listening to the podcast? You can send a written comment along with a picture of what you're doing while listening. Email a voicemail message to

ANDREW LAW emailed: "Hi There, I'm a Newlyn-based folk fiddle player and a Survivor of childhood sexual abuse. As part of my now, nearly 50 year journey of recovery, I have recorded a CD of folk music from Cornwall and around the UK, alongside a number of other Newlyn and Penzance-based folk musicians. The CD is called "The Long and the Short of It" and every penny from the CD sales is being donated to the amazing Aurora Foundation for People Abused in Childhood.

I am wondering whether you would be interested in featuring the CD and supporting this really important cause."

Murphy emailed photos: "Good evening! (Or at least where I am right now) Was just finishing up #427 and I gotta say I absolutely adored it. Been a year I think since I last wrote to the podcast. Either way, thought you might be interested on what I'm doing while listening to your podcast.

It's not that good so far but I've been working on carving a spoon in my Native Art Studio class. It's very much a work in progress right now because I've never done this before. I'm kinda proud of it though! (Sorry 'bout the camera angles, they came out funny )

Thank you so much for keeping this show alive and thriving with beautiful music!!"

Margaret Zavala emailed on Facebook: "Hi finally I can listen to my favorite music,any where I go. Just one question are you doing music for tartan week in NEW YORK. The Parade is April 6?"

Michael Finaly emailed on Facebook: "Hi Marc, so I've been trying to plan a trip to the UK and Ireland for my daughter and I, but I'm a bit worried about how Brexit is going to work out over there. But this show helps to keep my hopes up that I'll be able to show my little girl where her grandfather grew up, and get to really understand the centuries long story of her family. But in the mean time, come to Memphis, we have great food, music, and it is the home of The King, just saying... Keep up the good work."

William Carter emailed photos: "Listening while taking down drape out of a ceiling after a wedding. The song “An Buachillin Ban” by Bellow Bridge moved me to tears. Thank you for this podcast!"

Barry emailed on Facebook: "Marc, You asked for feedback, so here's some - Please, keep your SJW views out of the music podcast. Make it a sacred place just for the music. It's about Celtic music and the culture. NOTHING else. PLEASE!"

Thanks Barry. But my quick response is no.

First off, if someone attacks my friend, as well as a guest host of this podcast, I will defend them. That's all there is to it.

But it seems you did not listen to my SJW rant. That's what this podcast is about. If we do not defend our Celtic culture in ALL of its diversity, we will lose it. I will defend the women of Celtic music. I will defend the different shapes and colors of Celtic music.

I might not spend all my time talking about it. But it will be here. And again. If you don't like that, if that's not for you, that's fine. I respectfully suggest you not listen.

Because THIS is a part of what Celtic culture is all about. You can take it or leave it.

I will not compromise my defense of Celtic music and culture when it comes to diversity. So again, if you don't support the social justice of the Celts, then I wish you all the best.