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Oct 26, 2023

Eimear Arkins talks about Irish lilting and IrishFest Atlanta on Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #633.

Dervish, W. Ed Harris, Eamon Friel, The Poor Clares, The Haar, Eimear Arkins, The Shanties, Jared Bogle, The Sternwheelers, Avery LeVine 


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0:02 - Intro: Miranda Nelson of Miranda Nelson Designs

0:19 - Dervish "Palmer's Gate" from Midsummer's Night

5:27 - WELCOME

7:20 - W. Ed Harris "Lanigan's Ball / Indian Point / The Ten Penny Bit" from Family, Friends, Choices, & Memories

10:03 - Eamon Friel "The Old Songs" from Atlantic Light

13:41 - The Poor Clares "The Old Bush Reel Set" from Resurrected Lover

16:32 - The Haar "Carrickfergus" from Where Old Ghosts Meet

23:50 - FEEDBACK

26:59 - INTERVIEW: Eimear Arkins

31:21 - Eimear Arkins "Glen of Aherlow/Miss Langford's/Callaghan's" from What's Next?

35:14 - STORY: Slán Le Máigh"

41:52 - Eimear Arkins "Slán Le Máigh" from What's Next?

48:14 - STORY: An Buachailín Donn

51:16 - Eimear Arkins "An Buachailín Donn" from What's Next?

55:40 - THANKS

58:11 - The Shanties "Good Day" from Fear Not

1:01:48 - Jared Bogle "Johnny Cope (Hornpipe)" from The Old Road Home

1:07:33 - The Sternwheelers "Lily of the West" from Shuttered EP

1:10:53 - CLOSING

1:11:48 - Avery LeVine "Willie Clancy's Secret Jig/Munster Buttermilk" from The Rainy Day

1:14:46 - CREDITS

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* Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music. I am Marc Gunn. I interviewed Eimear Arkins last week. She’s performing at IrishFest Atlanta on Nov 3 - 5, 2023. She’s also doing a workshop on Irish Lilting. You’re gonna learn about it in our interview.

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Nacer Talel messaged me with a photo on Facebook: "Listening from Tunisia , I am Tunisian and super fan of the podcast and the culture . Keep it up guys !"

Mike Coombs messaged me: "Hi Marc, I’m listening to your brilliant podcast for the first time in ages, recovering from an awful week of covid  -  it’s still with us and very real. I’ve been vaccinated and had the booster shots and I’m pretty fit but it was still awful, so goodness knows what it would have been like if hadn’t been vaccinated!

Anyway I just wanted to say how uplifting and healing it is to listen to such great music. Thank you so much for producing this. I can afford to subscribe only a small amount each month but it is worth very much more.

As a musician myself I appreciate how much a show like this can help what is not the most popular music in the world  -  even though it should be  -  to come to the attention of more people. It is great to hear so many great musicians and tunes that I have never heard before. You just mentioned Heather Dale whose album  Fairytale I bought after hearing her on your show  so I shall make sure to check out your next podcast! When I am better I shall probably send you an old recorded track of mine that you may want to play. I am hoping to get an album mastered as soon as I can afford it, but this track I think fits the Celtic criteria so it would be interesting to see what you and your listeners if you decide to play it think.

All the best and keep producing these great podcasts "

W Danny Studstill sent some photos on Facebook: "We build shillelaghs while we listen ☘️"