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Oct 25, 2018

Happy Halloween with ghoulish Celtic music from The Here & Now, Diamh, Merry Wives of Windsor, Flowers of Edinburgh, Gone Molly, Melanie Gruben, Madman's Window, Wolf & Clover, 3 Pints Gone, Cara Dillon, Janette Geri, Stout Pounders, Finnegan's Hell, Heavy Blarney, Anne Roos.

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0:04 "Winding Rambling Pumpkin" by The Here & Now from The Winding Stair

6:19 "Bog An Lochan" by Diamh from The Hebridean Sessions

11:23 "Three Ravens/Twa Corbies" by Merry Wives of Windsor from Bottoms Up

15:05 "Attack of the Moon Tigers" by Flowers of Edinburgh from Attack of the Moon Tigers

17:51 "I Am Stretched on Your Grave" by Gone Molly from Gone Molly


24:11 "A Faery Song" by Melanie Gruben from A Faery Song

26:12 "Sam Hall" by Madman's Window from Avast

31:36 "Si Bheag Si Mhor" by Wolf & Clover from Wolf & Clover

34:37 "The Ballad of Roddy McCorley" by 3 Pints Gone from Live at the Shamrock Club

37:47 "October Winds" by Cara Dillon from After the Morning


44:57 "Barbra Allen" by Janette Geri from Among the Flowers

49:43 "Pumpkin's Fancy" by Stout Pounders from Pour Decisions

52:03 "Dance Upon You Grave" by Finnegan's Hell from Life and Death

54:35 "Drowsy Tam Lin" by Heavy Blarney from From Bog to Swamp

59:01 "A Bruxa [The Witch]" by Anne Roos from A Light in the Forest

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Thursday, October 25 at 8:30 PM is my 5th annual Celtic Halloween Concert on YouTube. Every year, I share ghoulishly fun Celtic songs with a fun Halloween twist. It's like costuming in song. You can watch the show live or watch the replay on YouTube if you miss the concert.

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Donald Willms emailed: Hi Mark, I found myself laying under the prairie stars with your voice and tunes tickling my ears.  My sister and I pulled into the Indian Head Campground after dark while driving through Saskatchewan.  I was about to pull out my tent but couldn’t bring myself to put a nylon veil between my eyelids and the endless heavens.  If only the wee eye in my phone could capture the enormous beauty before me as the crescent moon rises and comet dust blazes fiery streaks above. Cheers!  These words may have to suffice…"

Charles Morley in Alabama replied to the Celtic Music Magazine email: "Really appreciate your site and messages, Marc. You do a great service to the ITM community. Don't have much of a chance to listen regularly but you present the best of a wide-ranging genre of music that would otherwise be impossible to track down and experience. News of new music (CDs etc.) is priceless, especially for the American audience. Keep up the good work!"

Mike O'Byrne emailed: "Hi Marc, I thought about the podcast this Saturday as I was making a static line parachute jump with the Phantom Airborne Brigade, a group of former and current military parachutists who get together every month at Zephyrhills, Florida. Nothing like having some good music as you float down under that big round chute. I’m still replaying your Memorial Day Special, one of your best IMHO. If you know of any other Celtic music-loving former military airborne folks, send them our way. Age is no limitation. I am 74."

Ross McMath emailed: "Hello, I listen to the podcast every day at work. In moments when a great reel or tune is being played it provides my whole being with joy. I copy all my favourite songs to be added to a few playlists I have going on Spotify (Celtic and Soft Celtic) - there are over 160 songs on the playlist already with more in line to be added. Thank you so much for all your efforts in finding and producing all this amazing music for an under-listened to but fantastic genre. Kind regards, Ross"