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Jul 31, 2007

Season two brings you incredible tips on how to handle your cat's flea problem. Plus, I share other cat loving podcasts.

Cat Music & News

  • Get your copy of Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers and Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover's Companion.
  • Welcome to Season 2
  • Amazing New Cat Toy... Broken Autoharp Strings
  • TIP OF THE MONTH - How to Recognize and Deal with Your Cat's Flea Problems
  • Associate Editor Wanted for the Cat Lovers Podcast
  • Cats in Podcasts: Illini Pet Podcast, Random Fandom Podcast Release "The Cat's Meow", Cat Whispering
  • My Cat Hates You
  • Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital
  • Advantage for Cats with Flea Problems
  • Nora, Cat Playing a Piano, Watch Nora on YouTube
  • SONG - "A Cat Named Rover"

The Cat Lovers Podcast was produced by Tracey Tracy and recorded by Marc Gunn of Mage Records. Read the shownotes at