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Feb 18, 2006

The top 10 signs that you cat is a genius and thoughts on scratching posts.

Cat Music & News

Listeners Comments

"I made my husband cry with your cd! My husband Craig obtained his Irish dual citizenship last year and loves his heritage. He also is quite fond of a good beer and a cute drinking song so the CD was perfect. We will both be volenteering at the Irish festival in March at Fair park and wanted to know if you would be performing? Keep us up to date! Love the Lord of the Pounce! I had dogs growing up. Hubby has made a lover outta of me! We would love to buy you a beer at the festival! let us know!"
- Craig and Falicia Cartwright, Grand Prairie, Texas

Music Promotion for Cat Lovers

If you enjoy my music or this podcast, then I like to ask a small favor in each show. Because your help in promoting this album will insure there is a follow-up CD. Here is the music promotion tip of the week:

Go to one cat community online. Be it a cat forum or a yahoogroup, or whatever. Drop the group an email and ask them if they’ve heard of Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers. Tell them to go to check it out at And tell them how much your love the CD. This won’t take much time to do, but the final result will be tremendous. Thanks!

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