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Mar 17, 2006

St Patrick's Day MP3 music from Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, The McCabes, Clandestine, Emerald Rose, Ed Miller, Flook, Bow Triplets, Brobdingnagian Bards, Paisley Close, Sarah Dinan, Marc Gunn & The Dubliners Tabby Cats, Serious Kitchen, Sligo Rags, Murder the Stout, StoneRing, The Tea Merchants, 3 Pints Gone, Celtic Stone,...

Mar 16, 2006

Enjoy music from the 2nd part of the North Texas Irish Festival special feature with Irish Celtic Music from Brothers 3, Sarah Dinan, Ed Miller, Poor Man's Fortune, Brother, Jed Marum, Ed Miller, Paisley Close, Seamus Stout, The Tea Merchants, Brobdingnagian Bards.

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Mar 12, 2006

North Texas-sized Irish and Celtic music from Ed Miller, Brother, Robbie O'Connell, Seamus Stout, Onya, Poor Man's Fortune, Heirloom, Marc Gunn & The Dubliners Tabby Cats, Jed Marum, Boru's Ghost, Trinity River Whalers, The Tea Merchants, Makem & Spain, Brobdingnagian Bards.

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Mar 3, 2006

Irish & Celtic music from Karen Mal, Fardaxu, Seamus Kennedy, Kevin Behan, Boru's Ghost, The Tea Merchants, Brothers 3, Jed Marum, Thomas "Doc" Grauzer, Queen's Gambit, Empty Hats, The Wicked Tinkers, Canned Haggis, Marc Gunn.

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