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Mar 16, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast! We are happy to bring some great Celtic Music from Garry O Meara, String Theory, Emish, Prydein, Plastic Paddy, Patrick D'Arcy, Kilrush, Andrew McKee, Beltaine, Finbar Furey, Black 47, Drone, Wild Colonial Bhoys, Thomas Patrick Kenny, Seamus Kennedy, The Muckers, Mitchell and Vincent, Abby Green, The Led Farmers, Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfetones, The Brayzen Heads, Spencer Murray & Pipeslinger, Brobdingnagian Bards, The Elders, NUA, Jim Cope, Battlelegs, Black Market Haggis, Sisters of Murphy, In For A Penny. Listen. Like. Share. Then download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free! 

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We have a big feature on iTunes this week. So if you're new, I want to welcome to the incredible world of Celtic music. We celebrate St Patrick's Day all year long.

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Best Irish Drinking Songs Lyrics

Finally, I hope you listened to show #298: 17 for St Patrick's Day. Because you can download all 17 of those songs and tunes right now. Click here to read the article and download the MP3s.


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Dan Cunningham emailed me on Facebook: "Thank you Marc for your podcast and all you do for the Celtic community. I've been an advid fan for years We receive your podcast on TuneIn and it's tradition that my wife and I listen to the new podcast every Saturday morning during our breakfast. My wife Cindy and I live in the North land of Minnesota and we both look forward to the weekends and the Irish and Celtic music podcast. God bless."

Google changed their voicemail service. I can longer download the audio files. Fortunately, their voice-to-text feature is pretty good.

I got a voicemail from Heidi Jane: "Hey Mark, I just wanted to say thank you very much for including me. It's really an honor, and I'm just grateful. It's a good time of year to remind me to tell people about your podcast. Thank you so much and happy Saint Patrick's day. I'm really glad that you are doing this for everybody and for the music. It's very noble and wonderful. Take care."

Jason Roberts sent: "Hey mark, I've been a listener since pretty much the beginning and I just want to send a huge amount of congratulations out to you for your 300 episodes. I record audio and produce learning video for my job in the computer world, so I truly understand the huge effort that goes into planning and recording your audio and producing these podcast sessions. I also dabble with playing guitar and my favorite music to play is Irish trad music. You're an inspiration along with all the artist that you help, and I wish you the best on your next 300 episodes. Hey, man when you finish this next podcast. Take a few minutes and enjoy a pint or three of the black stuff."


This Week in Celtic Music

0:07 "The Jolly Beggarman/Whiskey Before Breakfast" by Garry O Meara from Pickin' Time

5:10 "Dowd's #9/ Bag of Spuds/ The Tamlin" by String Theory by String Theory

8:52 "P Stands for Paddy" by Emish from Sinners Make the Best Saints

14:28 "Backdraft" by Prydein from Loud Pipes (Save Lives)

18:16 "Muirshin Durkin" by Plastic Paddy from Lucky Enough

20:47 "Song & Hop Jig: The Whistling Thief / The Rocky Road To Dublin" by Patrick D'Arcy from Wallop the Spot

25:11 "Charlie on the MTA" by Kilrush from The Basement Sessions

29:05 "Sailor's Wife Set" by Andrew McKee from The Irish Bard

31:40 "Two Hours After St. Parick's Day" by Beltaine from Jump at Samhain's Fire

35:08 "Up By Christchurch And Down By St. Patrick's And Home" by Finbar Furey from Colours

39:25 "St Patrick's Day" by Black 47 from Last Call


44:07 "Branle Double" by Drone from Drone v Awen

46:29 "Merry Ploughboy" by Wild Colonial Bhoys from Century

50:13 "Raglan Road" by Thomas Patrick Kenny from The Music of Turlough O'carolan and Other Irish Treasures

53:30 "The Irish Pub Song" by Seamus Kennedy from Tricky Tongue Twisters

56:10 "Old Dun Cow" by The Muckers from The Muckers


1:01:03 "Morgan Rattler - Lads of Alnwick" by Mitchell and Vincent from Circling the Square

1:07:38 "She Moved Through the Fair" by Abby Green from Why Should I?

1:11:05 "The White Set" by The Led Farmers from Katie

1:14:42 "Song of the Celts" by Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfetones from Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight

1:18:16 "Whiskey in the Jar" by The Brayzen Heads from Floored

1:21:52 "Clawhammer Reels" by Spencer Murray & Pipeslinger from Sound & Fury

1:24:37 "Finnegan's Wake" by Brobdingnagian Bards from The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs


1:31:10 "The Miners" by The Elders from Story Road

1:35:28 "YK INN" by NUA from FLOW

1:40:17 "Irish Rover" by Jim Cope from King of Balleyhooley

1:43:26 "Wild Rover" by Battlelegs from Lost My Shoes

1:47:58 "Whistling Postman Set" by Black Market Haggis from Better Than It Sounds

1:51:59 "Green Over Red" by Sisters of Murphy from Working Stiffs Unite

1:58:50 "Parting Glass" by In For A Penny from Every Day Should Be St Patrick's Day

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