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Mar 10, 2016

The St. Patrick's Day music playlists continue with 17 St Patrick's Day songs and tunes from some of the best indie Celtic bands including: Chief O'Neill's Mixed Flock, The Gothard Sisters, The Selkie Girls, Los Paddys de Las Pampas, Abby Green, The Ne'er Duwels, John Byrne Band, Mason Brown, Bard & Company, Burning Bridget Cleary, The Fire Inside, The Fretless, Stout Pounders, The Killdares, Redhill Rats, Ockham's Razor, Noel Nash and Danny O'Flaherty.

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* Each week, 144 people pledge $1 or more per episode to help pay for the production of the podcast. Whenever we hit a Milestone. You get an extra long episode of Celtic music. We just hit our next Milestone which means you're gonna get a 2-hour Celtic music special highlighting the indie Celtic music of Canada right after St. Patrick's Day. You can Become a Patrons of the Podcast.

* St Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival has 22 videos on the playlist. You can enjoy Celtic music from Bedlam Bards, Faire to Middlin, Abby Green, Marc Gunn, The Selkie Girls, Jim Sharkey, Drones n Drums, Beltaine, Avourneen, Eddie Biggins, and Poitin.

* Speaking of Poitin, next Monday, I plan to release a special edition of this podcast sharing Poitin's album "Wish". You can hear the album from start to finish.

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* I have two St. Patrick's Day. The first is Thursday, March 10th at 8pm Central Standard Time on Concert Window. It's a pay-what-you-want show. You can also see me in person in 5 Points in Birmingham, Alabama. Details on my St. Patrick's Day music website.

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Shannon Spencer wrote in the shownotes: "Awesome show! I listened to it at least a half dozen times already... and have written down almost every artist as potentials to purchase! Just gotta winnow it down for now unfortunately... this is the music I listen to for my gym workouts... thanks! Hope to soon be a Patron of Podcast."


This Week in Celtic Music

0:40 "The Echo of Carrowkeel/The Cock & The Hen/Hardiman the Fiddler" by Chief O'Neill's Mixed Flock from The New Blackthorn Stick

6:48 "Hummingbird" by The Gothard Sisters from Hummingbird Single

10:12 "Lon-Duhb" by The Selkie Girls from Parting Glass

12:43 "Jigs For Sure" by Los Paddys de Las Pampas from Come Home

15:53 "Juice of the Barley" by Abby Green from Why Should I?

19:38 "Crossing The Atlantic" by The Ne'er Duwels from The Ne'er Duwels


26:44 "Sing on Johnny" by John Byrne Band from The Immigrant and the Orphan

31:14 "Bully for All/St. Patrick's Day" by Mason Brown from When Humans Walked the Earth

33:40 "Motherland" by Bard & Company from Bard and Whistler

36:59 "Portherhead And Bbc Set" by Burning Bridget Cleary from These Are the Days

40:29 "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore" by The Fire Inside from Spark


46:05 "Big Trip" by The Fretless from The Fretless

49:57 "Don't Go Blamin' Whiskey" by Stout Pounders from Thirst

53:43 "Sometimes the Night Is Wrong" by The Killdares from Steal the Sky

57:06 "Goblin's Inn" by Redhill Rats from Cape Wolf

1:00:55 "Moorlough Shore" by Ockham's Razor from Job's Comforter

1:07:32 "The Hills of Connemara" by Noel Nash and Danny O'Flaherty from St Patrick's Day Anthem

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