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Mar 15, 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day with 17 Free Celtic MP3s for the holiday on show #350. You'll enjoy Celtic music from Runa, Alasdair White, Jodee James, Bridgid's Cross, Sarah Copus, McDerry, Na Skylark, Jil Chambless, John Taylor, Scooter Muse, Melanie Gruben, The Gatehouse Well, Jesse Ferguson, Kilmaine Saints, Brynmor, Templars of Doom, Kilrush, Claymore, Tuatha Dea.

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0:08 "The Hunter Set" by Runa from Live

6:49 "The Cockerel in the Creel" by Alasdair White from An Clar Geal (The White Album)

10:36 "Titrwm Tatrwm/Hiraeth" by Jodee James from Lady of the Fountain

14:48 "Off She Goes" by Bridgid's Cross from Live without an Audience

17:52 "Gleanntain Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair" by Sarah Copus from Moorland Winds

20:39 "Pirate Dan" by McDerry from Chandler


25:53 "The Irish Marche" by Na Skylark from Old Ceol

28:23 "Mary and the Soldier" by Chambless, Taylor and Muse from Live at NTIF

31:31 "The Leprechaun" by Melanie Gruben from A Faery Song

32:49 "Calliope House Set" by The Gatehouse Well from And the Sparks Did Fly

37:41 "Rare Old Mountain Dew" by Jesse Ferguson from Folk Favourites


41:53 "Pennsylvania's Finest" by Kilmaine Saints from Whiskey Blues & Faded Tattoos

44:44 "Musical Priest" by Brynmor from The Great Hill

46:55 "Saint Patrick Saved Ireland" by Templars of Doom from Bring Me the Head of John the Baptist

50:38 "Wild As the Heather" by Kilrush from The Basement Sessions

55:39 "Will Ye Nae Back Again" by Claymore from Claymore

"Aeilin Duinn" by Tuatha Dea from Kilts and Corsets

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Happy St Patrick's Day my friends. This is an extra-special episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Every year since 2005, I release an article titled "17 Free Celtic MP3s for St Patrick's Day". I follow it up with a podcast that highlights all of the music that you can download for FREE! This is that podcast.

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Karl emailed a photo: "Hey, Celtfather, I'm moving into a new house in a week.  Your podcast's upbeat rhythms are keeping me going while packing boxes and boxes of papers from my office.  At least my photographs from Ireland and Scotland are digital--zeros and ones are so much lighter than prints."

I hope the move went well Karl!

John Thompson emailed: "Hey Marc, I was listening to episode 338 (Christmas show) of the Irish & Celtic Music podcast and was blown away by the song "Glasgow Christmas Rain" by Highland Reign. I went on Youtube and watched just about every Highland Reign video I could find. Then I went to CD Baby, bought 3 of their CDs and downloaded a fourth. I'm going to post a message to their website to say how amazing they sound and that I heard them on YOUR show. They're from the midwest so I probably never would have discovered them without the Irish & Celtic music podcast. (I'm in Philly and the only other Celtic group from the midwest I've run into in this neck of the woods is The Elders -- another fantastic band!). You ABSOLUTELY make a difference! I've been a Celtic music fan for a long time but have only been a listener and patron of the Irish & Celtic Music podcast for the last few years. I wish I had found it sooner. Your podcast never disappoints!"

Thank you SO MUCH, John! I love hearing about which bands and songs inspire you. And that you're actually buying music.

Musicians have it tough in this day and age. I'm extremely pleased that the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast can connect Celtic bands with Celtic music fans. It's a challenge. But that's why I am here.

So keep listening. Keeping telling your friends about the show. And when this episode is over, go thank one of these bands for being awesome!