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Mar 2, 2017

Share & Enjoy 17 songs for St Patrick's Day on March 17th with St Patrick's Day Celtic music from We Banjo 3, The Here & Now, Hugh Morrison, Leaping Lulu, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Jed Marum, The Selkie Girls, Poitin, Shillelagh!, The Wee Heavies, The Gothard Sisters, SeaStar, Skeleton McKee, Dave Wilson & Willie B, O'Hanlons Horsebox, Ren, Sons of Malarkey, The Prodigals. Listen. Like. SHARE. Then download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free!

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:37 "Island Orchard" by We Banjo 3 from String Theory

5:24 "Little Monster" by The Here & Now from Ladybird

8:49 "Prisoner Song" by Hugh Morrison from Prison Ballads

12:43 "Summer Storm" by Leaping Lulu from Into The West

15:47 "The Golden Glove" by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from Paper of Pins

21:16 "Wild Geese" by Jed Marum from Calla's Waltz


26:47 "Mo Nighean Donn as Boidhche" by The Selkie Girls from Pirate Queen

30:54 "The Pleasant Month of May" by Poitin from Simple Pleasures

32:54 "Si Beg Si Mor (reprise)/ Banish Misfortune" by Shillelagh! from A Turn of Fortune

37:01 "Bonnie Ship the Diamond" by The Wee Heavies from The Wee Heavies

39:06 “I Courted a Sailor” by The Gothard Sisters from Mountain Rose


44:07 "Hjarta og Eldur" by SeaStar from Never Go Back

48:28 "Ireland" by Skeleton McKee from Leave The World Laughing

52:57 "Clare to Here" by Dave Wilson & Willie B from Far From Home

56:13 "The Fighting Boys from Corofin" by O'Hanlons Horsebox from Songs and Stories of the Border

58:44 "My Heart Belongs To Ireland" by Ren from debut single

1:02:00 "Killarney Boys of Pleasure" by Sons of Malarkey from Gulls Lads

1:06:06 "Home to You" by The Prodigals from Brothers

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