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Jun 11, 2014

Irish Celtic music from Jamie Smith's MABON, Black Market Haggis, Sybil and Sorley, Colin Farrell, Rambling Sailors, Hugh Morrison, Trinity River Whalers, Candace Corrigan, The Willis Clan, Kila, Black 47, Caliorne, Clandestine.

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This Week in Celtic Music

"Tunnag's Tunes" by Jamie Smith's MABON
from Windblown on iTunes

"Mist Covered Mountains/Musical Priest" by Black Market Haggis
from Demo

"Galway Girls" by Sybil and Sorley
from Street Side Songs on iTunes

"Garageband Reels" by Colin Farrell
from On the Move on iTunes

"Leave Her Johnny" by Rambling Sailors
from Wanderlust on iTunes

Celtic Music News

"Box & Bodhran Set" by Hugh Morrison
from Far From Home on iTunes

"Haughs of Cromdale" by Trinity River Whalers
from Black & Blue on iTunes

"Eleanor Plunkett" by Candace Corrigan
from O'Carolan Songwriter on iTunes

"Ship of the Line" by The Willis Clan
from Roots on iTunes

Promo - Christian Alternative Music Podcast

"Cardinal Knowledge" by Kila
from Gamblers' Ballet on iTunes

"Shanty Irish Baby" by Black 47
from Last Call on iTunes

"Scottish Purple" by Caliorne
from Rock Noz Band on iTunes

"Shetland Tunes" by Clandestine
from Songs from Home on iTunes

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