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iPhone/iPad App for Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

iPhone/iPad App for Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

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Irish & Celtic Music Podcast App Features

The ICMP App has the following features:

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If you're a fan of my Music, then you might also enjoy my Celtic Music app, exclusively available through Android phones.

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Android App


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Celtic Compilations

A Celtic Christmas (2013)

Various Artists - A Celtic ChristmasA warm fire glows in the hearth of Celtic culture with this warm compilation CD of Celtic Christmas music. Celebrate the holidays with A Celtic Christmas, featuring a mix of traditional and original songs and tunes about Christmas by indie Celtic bands.

All these artists were hand-selected for outstanding music by the award-winning downloadable radio show, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. It is the largest Celtic podcast in the world and the #1 promoter of indie Celtic music.


album cover

Irish & Celtic Music by Various Artists

Chart-topping Irish Celtic music beyond imagination and set aflame through the inspiration and fusion of past and present Ireland. The tunes on this album are by two of most-popular traditional Celtic groups on the podcast. They are also two of Marc Gunn’s very favorite indie Celtic bands–FIMM and Poitin.

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album cover

Best of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast by Various Artists 

It is truly amazing the amount of GREAT music that is submitted to the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast every day. We’re talking world-class musicians, many of whom don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. That’s why I started creating compilation CDs. I wanted to showcase some of these amazing artists in ways that they might not be able to do on their own.

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Secret World of Celtic Rock

The Secret World of Celtic Rock by Various Artists

Experience the best in Celtic Rock! Two years ago I had an exciting idea to release a Celtic Rock CD. Man, I’ve outdone myself! No. I take that back. It’s not me. All I did was compile some of the best independent Celtic Rock bands around and organize them onto a CD. The result is destined to be a hit CD among contemporary and traditional Celtic music lovers alike–”The Secret World of Celtic Rock.”

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Victims of Irish Music

Victims of Irish Music by Various Artists 

Instrumental Irish & Celtic Music from the Best Independent Celtic Bands. Born from the struggle to keep acoustic Irish music alive and relevant, “Victims of Irish Music” gathers the finest independent Celtic musicians who are winning the fight to keep instrumental Irish and Celtic music as vibrant and meaningful as it was when musicians in Ireland were victimized for their love of music.

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Celtic CDs by Marc Gunn

Find the complete list of Marc Gunn's CDs here.

Kilted For Her Pleasure by Marc Gunn (2010)

New Kilted Celtic Comedy Music CD from Marc Gunn.Kilted Celtic comedy music for the playfully demented Celtic music fan. Get ready to guffaw with a healthy dose of laughter, the best medicine for any Celtic music lover. Some of the songs were featured on Dr. Demento and The Funny Music Project.

The Bridge by Marc Gunn (2010)

album coverA soulful reflection of Celtic and folk bluesy music with themes and melodies both new and old that spans over ten years of Marc Gunn’s career. Masterfully recorded by Rich Brotherton, one of the Celtic music world’s finest producers.

Whiskers in the Jar by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats (2008)

 album coverThis is the follow up to the enormously successful Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers CD that was released in 2005. It takes the music a step further past simple drinking songs to be an amazing album of traditional Irish music… that just happens to be about cats. As a result, it's garnered praise from cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike, who just enjoy great music. And what more can you expect from a CD produced by Rich Brotherton, one of the finest Celtic producers in the world.

Find plenty more CDs at Celtic