6 Ways to Support the Podcast

While I don’t charge a dime for this podcast, there are numerous fees involved in running it. That’s why I invite you to become a Patron of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast!

Why should I support the podcast?

It’s tough finding quality entertainment online. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast simplifies the process. We find the musicians who want to be heard and we share them with you a few times a month. We are actively creating an outlet for these entertainers, who just want to be heard. It’s a valuable service. Again, it’s all free. But your generous support helps pay for the content you enjoy.

CDs sold through my Celtic Music CD Store benefit this podcast, as do sales through CD Baby, Amazon, or iTunes.  A portion of the profits of the compilation CDs listed below also benefit Celtic non-profits.  To date, Mage Records has donated over $12,000 to non-profit Celtic organizations to help them continue promoting the Celtic culture that we love.

Ultimately, we are happy if you will just support the artists who support the podcast. So at the very least do that.

Thank you in advance for any contribution to the Celtic community you are willing to make.

1. Support the Artists

The first and best way to support the podcast is to support the artists who donate their music to be heard on my show. Many of them sell their CDs on CD Baby, Amazon, or iTunes. Buy a CD or merch. See a show. Like them on Facebook or other social networks. Tell them you are a fan!

2. Become a Member of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

The next best way is to Become a Member of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Song Henge is the fan club of the podcast. I offer lifetime or annual memberships for as little as $25 per year. In addition to helping support the podcast, you also get free music donated by many of the artists you hear on this show. It's like getting 10 albums a year for as little as twenty-five bucks.

Just click here to subscribe. It’s that easy. And you help keep this show running!

If you need an examples of what you’ll get as a member, head on over to SongHenge.com.

3. Buy One of Our Celtic Compilation CDs

A third way to both support the podcast is to purchase one my Celtic compilations CDs. Each album features a mix of some of the best independent Celtic artists that you've heard on this show. Each is hand-selected. And while a portion of the money does benefit the podcast, I send thousands of dollars a year to non-profit Celtic organizations around the United States because of your purchases of these Celtic compilations.

4. Buy Marc Gunn CDs

I am a musician also. I play acoustic Celtic and folk music. I have over ten albums to my credit ranging from traditional Celtic songs to some folk bluesy originals to some Sci fi geeky music. One of my groups, The Dubliners' Tabby Cats, offer a wild mix of Irish drinking songs for cat lovers. And for those who like more comedic music, my old band, Brobdingnagian Bards, have a bunch more albums of fun Celtic and comedy music. And so the fourth way to support the podcast is to buy one of Marc Gunn's albums.

5. Buy Podcast Swag

The fifth way you can support the podcast (yup, I'm still going) is to buy a T-Shirt or some Swag. I started offering T-shirts so you could not only have a means to support the podcast financially but also so you could show your Celtic colors. So the next time someone sees you wearing your Irish & Celtic Music Podcast T-Shirt, perhaps they will ask about it and soon we'll have another fan of the show.

6. Make a Donation

Finally, I'm not above donations. In fact, I LOVE donations!

Your donations whether monthly, annually, or just by becoming a member of the podcast mean a lot to me. It means you have enough faith in what I am doing that you will happily support my podcast with nothing expected in return. That's incredible! So thank you. I hope I may continue to live up to your expectations for years to come!

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Thank you for all your support of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Marc Gunn