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May 12, 2007

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This Week:

“Staten Island Hornpipe-Morpeth Rant”
The Jolly Rogues
from Captain Billy's Privateers
also from Victims of Irish Music

“Ellas Mari (Cornish)”
from Lowena

“Shake Loose the Border”
from Shake Loose the Border

“Black Velvet Band”
Marc Gunn & The Dubliners Tabby Cats
from Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover's Companion

“Carolan's Concerto”
Tocando el Aire
from En el Bosque sin Retorno

from Rua/Rojo

“St. Patrick Goes to Hollywood”
James Connolly

“MacLeod's Farewell”
Round the House
from Safe Home

“Eddystone Light”
The Blarnacles
from Got Blarnacles?

“Possum Up A Gum Stamp”
Joe Hooper

“Flying Away”
from Saqi

“Ye Jacobites By Name”
The McMontos

“Celtic Rock Show”
Greenwich Meantime
from Proof

Next time music we'll have music from The Jolly Rogues, Amadan, and Jonathan Ramsey. Find out more at

5. “Seven Drunken Nights” by Brobdingnagian Bards
4. “Waterfall Reel” by Bruce Boyd
3. “The Hills They Are Hollow” by Damh the Bard
2. “September” by The Killdares

1. “Mordred's Lullaby”
Heather Dale
from The Trial of Launcelot
from The Secret World of Celtic Rock

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