Top-Played Celtic Bands of 2016

Every year, I end up playing different artists more than others. Sometimes it's because I absolutely love their music and listen to it a lot. Other times, I finish playing it, and I find myself surprised by the results. That's why I decided to compile a list of the Top 20 Most-Played Celtic Bands of 2016 as published by the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

I want to send out a special thanks to Ask Stephen for compiling all of the bands and songs played in the show each and every year. You can can see a HUGE list from a bunch of Celtic podcasts. It's a great way to get to know Celtic music online.

I want to point out two important things. First, I did not include my own music on this list. Second, if you ever decide to check out Ask Stephen for an exact number of plays, you will note that there are a LOT of ties. To break those ties, I organize the list to include many of my favorites.

Finally, there are a lot of amazing Celtic bands and artists on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. If there's someone who you love, then please support their craft by buying their music and swag, becoming patrons, emailing them, and telling others about them. This is the best way to show your support for these hard-working, amazing musicians.

Top 20 Most-Played Celtic Bands of 2016

  1. Poitin
  2. Burning Bridget Cleary
  3. New Shilling
  4. Ockham's Razor
  5. The Gothard Sisters
  6. The Elders
  7. The Dublin Harpers
  8. Barleyjuice
  9. Abby Green
  10. Ed Miller
  11. Battlefield Band
  12. Celtic Cross
  13. The Kailyarders
  14. Emerald Rose
  15. The Selkie Girls
  16. NUA
  17. Socks in the Frying Pan
  18. Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
  19. Shillelagh!
  20. Colleen Raney

If you have a Celtic band, I would love to play you music on the podcast. But I need your permission. Complete this permission form, and maybe one day in the future, you will be one of the top Celtic bands online!


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