#245: Wind & Whiskey to Shake the Barley

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is not your typical Celtic radio program. Most play the same Celtic artists promoted by the top record labels. We focus on indie Celtic bands, the ones who don't get played but are just as good. You'll find them living in your town if you go looking. Great indie Celtic music from Nine-8ths Irish, Harpnotic, David Nigel Lloyd, Aisling, New Shilling, Kailyarders, Adamh, Emerald Dawn, Perkelt, Jim Sharkey, The Elders, Don Gabbert, Barleyjuice, O'Hanleigh.

Photo by Johan Neven

Photo by Johan Neven

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Al Marcotte emailed from Maine: “Marc, You asked what I do when I listen to the podcast, well I play backgammon on my computer. No not terribly exciting but it is what I do while I enjoy the podcast. I hear a song I like I go right to the notes and find out what it was, if it is a song I really like I click on Amazon and find it. I then either buy it on add it to my wish list to buy later. Keep up the great work!”

MaryFran posted in our shownotes: “Working from home today, overlooking the lake in my back yard, and enjoying the podcast. Thanks, Marc!”

Audio comment from Bryan Blake

Lisa Dawson on Facebook wrote: “a pic of ‘what I'm doing while listening'…. Tablet-Weaving ‘Coptic Diamonds' pattern, as taught by John Mullarkey of MullarkyCrafts. Tablet- or Card-Weaving is an ancient craft, and I'm so grateful for such a teacher. Enjoying weaving while listening to The Celtic Music Podcast for St. Valentines Day!”

lyndystitches on iTunes wrote: “Really enjoy the variety of music. Listening while I am working all day at my computer keeps the energy going. Great way to pick up my day.”

Cpp Chris wrote on iTunes: “Thank you Marc for putting this podcast together. It has gotten me through three years of law school and two bar exams. It always seems to melt the stress away and gives me a little mental vacation. It has exposed me to some great artists, especially Colleen Raney. I also loved your Don't Go Drinking With hobbits”, one of my favorites. As someone who grew up listening to Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys, it peps me up when you throw in some rock in the mix. Keep it up!”

Jennine Thompson sent a photo and wrote: “My family and I listened to your Valentines week Celtic love song podcast on our way to Monterey today. Here's a shot of the HUGE kelp forest tank in the Monterey Aquarium. Celtic jigs and reels work just fine though. (Plus some tears were shed for the Easter uprising love ballad.)

I found an email from Darcy MacPherson regarding show #221 who wrote: “Loved it. I was working on my book on tree spiritually and was writing the chapter on the Ash Tree – a sacred tree of Ireland. Thanks Marc Great Program!”

Nine-8ths Irish - West of Ireland

This Week in Celtic Music

0:40 “Farewell to Whalley Range” by Nine-8ths Irish from West of Ireland

4:35 “Dark Forest” by Harpnotic from Harpnotic

7:48 “Roll Back Columbia” by David Nigel Lloyd from Rivers, Kings and Curses

10:46 “George Brabazon/The Boys of Ballysodare/Reeping the Rye” by Aisling from Pilgrim's Road

15:40 “Out of the Blue (… We'll Always Have Brugge)” by New Shilling from New Shilling


20:43 “The Black Well” by Kailyarders from The Black Well

23:56 “Kilmovee Jig/The Sleeping Fat Cat/Eddie Kelly's” by Adamh from Adamh

28:51 “Whiskey for My Mates” by Emerald Dawn

31:57 “Ai List Lo Lop” by Perkelt from Dowry of a Troll Woman

35:47 “Sweet Anne's Road” by Jim Sharkey from Sweet Anne's Road


45:36 “Meetings of the Waters” by The Elders from Story Road

50:06 “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” by Don Gabbert from Alone on the Porch

54:08 “Songs For Sinners” by Barleyjuice from Bonny Prince Barley

59:55 “Ain't It Bloody Well Grand to be Irish (and Living in the USA)” by O'Hanleigh from Of Irish Crossings Told

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Jennine Thompson at Monterey Aquarium

Jennine Thompson at Monterey Aquarium

Lisa Dawsone doing Tablet Weaving

Lisa Dawsone doing Tablet Weaving


#245: Wind & Whiskey to Shake the Barley — 2 Comments

  1. grew up on Harry Lauder and played “the base ‘Door’ ” of my bedroom with my socks ( the head of the drum sticks where one of the socks rolled up in the toe of the other.. two pains of socks = a pair of drum sticks 🙂 ) as my brother played the pipes….. years have passed, my brother no longer plays the pipes…Your show is a gift, It feeds my Celtic Soul and I Draw and paint as I listen. Again, Thank you!!

  2. Awesome show! I have listened to it at least a half dozen times already … and have written down almost every artist as potentials to purchase! Just gotta winnow it down for now unfortunately … this is the music I listen to for my gym workouts … thanks! Hope to soon be a Patron of Podcast.