#244: Celtic Love Songs & Tunes

Happy Celtic Valentine's Day! I'm happy to share with you a bunch of Celtic love songs and tunes which show the Celts know as much as about love as anyone, some even more passionately so. You'll enjoy great Celtic music from Mithril Duo, Tullamore, The Makem & Spain Brothers, Battlefield Band, Colleen Raney & Colm Maccárthaigh, Marc Gunn, Scott Hoye, Seamus Kennedy, Steel Clover, The ShamRogues , The McCabes, Celtic Cross, Carbon Leaf, Finbar Furey.

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Gandalf_greaybeard wrote: “Really love the way Marc goes out of his way to discover new Celtic bands”

Grubie wrote: “I regularly attend all the local Highland games, belong to my family clans and this amazing podcast from Marc never ceases to expose me to new bands. Amazing show. Keep it up!”

Kris Pearson emailed a photo of him in a vineyard and wrote: “Hey Marc, I recently found your great podcast and listen while I prune grapevines in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York. I'm also a novice mandolin player and would appreciate hearing some mandolin-centered celtic music if you have any to play.”

Craig Backus tagged me on Twitter with a picture of his dirty dishes.


This Week in Celtic Music

0:30 “The Price of My Pig / Kitty's Wedding (feat. Andy Kruspe)” by Mithril Duo from Bottom of the Punch Bowl

4:00 “Wedding Jigs” by Tullamore from Wild and Wicked Youth

8:42 “Nancy O” by The Makem & Spain Brothers from Up the Stairs

13:02 “Slow Air & Jig: The Glasgow Lasses / The Scottish Lovers” by Battlefield Band with Leo McCann from Beg & Borrow

17:05 “Mary and the Soldier” by Colleen Raney & Colm Maccárthaigh from Cuan


22:18 “Purple Flower” by Marc Gunn from Celtic Love

25:43 “Eleanor Plunkett/Fanny Poer” by Scott Hoye from Black Rose

29:48 “Grace” by Seamus Kennedy from A Smile and a Tear

34:03 “Dunmore Lassies” by Steel Clover from Take the Crown


40:01 “Leaving of Liverpool” by The ShamRogues from Drunken Memories

43:35 “Reely Funky: Cos Cob Reel, Love Of The Endings” by The McCabes from Dark Before the Dawn

47:53 “Strange Love” by Celtic Cross from Saoirse's Heart

51:07 “Mary Mac” by Carbon Leaf from Echo Echo

55:11 “Walking With My Love (with Mary Black)” by Finbar Furey from Colours

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Heather Wilder in San Francisco

Heather Wilder pictures San Francisco


Craig Backus dirty dishes

Craig tackles dirty dishes while enjoying Celtic music

Kris Pearson

Kris Pearson at work in the vineyard with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Marc Gives Inara a Bath While Listening to Celtic Music

Marc Gives Inara a Bath While Listening to Celtic Music



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  1. Working from home today, overlooking the lake in my back yard, and enjoying the podcast. Thanks, Marc!